Mari Yaguchi Criticized For Supporting Becky, Saying Women Are Good At Having Affairs

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Mari Yaguchi Criticized For Supporting Becky, Saying Women Are Good At Having Affairs
Mari Yaguchi has come under fire for comments made on air that was in support of Becky and statements that women are good at having affairs.

Last month, entertainer Becky and Gesu no Kiwami Otome lead singer Enon Kawatani were caught allegedly having an affair. As someone who had also been caught having her own affair, Yaguchi's name began popping up in reports as well.

Yaguchi was seen as coming to Becky's defense when she said, "Since only the people involved can really know the truth, I think its funny that we're still talking about it." The idol was also critical of the lack of privacy that people in the entertainment industry are given.

Articles quickly surfaced stating that Yaguchi had come to Becky's defense, and netizens were just as quick to criticize her for it. The idol responded with a blog post explaining, "I was not defending Becky, but I also don't deny that I do. As a third party, I can't know what was going on with their romance."

In addition to her defense of Becky, Yaguchi was also criticized for her comments about the nature of women and infidelity. The idol made controversial statements saying that these things happened often and that women are good at hiding them.

"Women around the world have always been having affairs and are quite good at it...Women are good at hiding things, although in my case I wasn't...," she said.

Yaguchi apologized for causing people to have "unpleasant thoughts" due her controversial comments. She hopes that further misunderstandings do not arise in the future.
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