Zonbi to Release First Official Single

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Zonbi to Release First Official Single
Visual Kei band zonbi will release a new maxi single in April.

On January 31st zonbi has held a one man live at Ikebukuro EDGE and announced the release of a new single titled "kusari hime" (腐り姫). If you are a fan or kept an eye on this band this title probably doesn't sound new to you. "kusari hime" was released as live-limited one-coin single on July 30th, 2013. Still, this single is something you might be interested in! The lead track will be kusari hime but the coupling song is a new track. Moreover, zonbi had a vocal change in summer 2015, so this new CD might include a re-recording of "kusari hime".

zonbi is already active since 2013 but the members decided that August 1st, 2015 will be the day of them starting official activities with the new line-up since August 1st was the day vocalist Kanata has joined them. Therefore the upcoming CD will be zonbi's very first single. All former CDs released since last summer were live-limited CDs or only available via the band's webshop. But now, with zonbi being signed under euclid agency, they might be able to release more CDs via country-wide shops. euclid agency is a popular Indie label, most famous for its artists Golden Bomber and GUILD.

The following video is the live PV of "kurasari hime" recorded at the band's live on August 1st, 2015:

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