ZigZag Announces First Mini Album after Guitarist Joins

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ZigZag Announces First Mini Album after Guitarist Joins
Visual Kei band ZigZag started its official band activities today, gained an official guitarist and announced the release of its first mini album.

Just earlier this month we've introduced ZigZag to you - a band with a concept that is all about "religious purification". That might sound boring to you but check out their music to get an impression of this band! Below we'll show you the band's latest spot. But let's talk about the facts first!

Today, on January 31st 2016, ZigZag started its formal activities after being active as project for eight months as two-member band. At today's live guitarist Jin who has always played as support guitarist for ZigZag officially joined them. Moreover, the members announced the release of its very first mini album that will be titled "tsunagaritai" (繋がりたい). It will drop on April 1st and includes the songs that have been released as live limited singles in 2015 as well as the one that has been given out for free at today's live. For 1500 Yen you'll get the following songs:

1.tsunagaritai (繋がりたい)
2.yuri no hana (百合ノ華)
3.kare no yume, maboroshi (彼ノ夢、幻。)
4.akuryo taisan (悪霊退散)
5.itoshi kijo kyoukaisei (愛シ貴女狂怪性)
6.izayoi (十六夜)

Only a short preview of the band's first PV is available yet but check it out below! And if you're interested in more music, give a listen to ZigZag's first song that you can find here.

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