Ai Kago Claps Back Against Critical Netizens

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Ai Kago Claps Back Against Critical Netizens
Ai Kago defended herself against netizens who have been critical of the idol for her tumultuous life.

On Janaury 29, Kago clapped back against netizens who have treated her harshly through social media.

"I just want to go back down the right path unlike some of you. I think people who don't rejoice in the happiness of others don't deserve happiness for themselves. The past is in the past. I'm living in the now. Don't get it wrong," she tweeted.

In 2015, Kago's former husband assaulted her, sending her to the hospital. The two later got a divorce in exchange for Kago dropping domestic charges against her him.

Kago had formed a new girl group named Girls Beat!! in 2014. The group went on hiatus soon after debuting due to Kago's former husband getting arrested. It resumed activities at the end of 2015 without Kago, though the singer later rejoined the group.

The former idol's personal life has been the subject of much discussion among netizens. While some have shown their support through her difficult times, others have expressed exasperation over her continued troubles.
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