[Exclusive] JPopAsia Interviews Girugamesh about New Mini-Album "chimera"

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[Exclusive] JPopAsia Interviews Girugamesh about New Mini-Album
A while ago Japanese band girugamesh announced the release of its new mini album "chimera". On January 20th the Japanese version dropped and also fans in Europe can legally download the album since that day using this site.
Downloads aren't for you? You want a physical copy of "chimera"? No problem! In only a few days, on February 5th, the European edition will be released! As extra it will even contain all songs featured on girugamesh's former mini album "gravitation".
But that's not the only extra the band has for fans abroad. The members took some time to explain their thoughts on the album to the readers of JPopAsia - and revealed a little secret regarding their live schedule for countries outside of Japan!

JPA: In September 2014 you’ve released your mini album "gravitation". From that release day until the recording period of "chimera" you had some time to get new ideas for a new release. What’s the difference between "gravitation" and "chimera" and what do you want to convey?
Яyo: We could give the things in our head a form with this mini album even better than before. Until now we put our feelings into this form but if you take a look from different point of views the way of feeling changes. Because we could express this we could create a work with even more deepness.

JPA: A chimera is a creature from the Greek mythology. Why did you choose this title?
Shuu: A chimera is a creature consisting of various creatures. You can call it a mixed creature. Girugamesh’s base line is a nice melody line integrated in heavy music. We are a band that adopts various music elements – just like a chimera. That’s how we decided for the title.

JPA: Please explain the CD cover!
Satoshi: It expresses the moment when this monster, "chimera", that combines various music styles, is born.

JPA: Which message do you want to send the fans with the songs included on this album? Is there a particular topic?
Satoshi: anger, sadness, despair, complex

JPA: From the songs included on the album, which one do you think of most interesting and fun? And why?
Nii: M5 "Horizon". It’s a party song during which we all can have fun together and sing and dance!

JPA: When did you start composing the songs?
Nii: In the second half of the time we actually had for composing them.

JPA: Were there songs that were easy to compose?
Яyo: For various reasons we’ve produced awesome deep, heavy songs.

JPA: Were there any funny things that happened during the recording or photoshooting?
Nii: There wasn’t really anything like that. We’ve finished the recording without problems and could create an awesome album!

JPA: As we already came to know, a chimera is a creature from the Greek mythology. Speaking of creatures, if you were an animal, which one would it be and why?
Satoshi: A dog. Because I’m a spoiled child.
Nii: A giraffe. It has a great style.
Яyo: A monkey. Because I like this brazen atmosphere it has.

JPA: Are you interested in Greek mythology?
Shuu: Since we decided for this title I want to find out more about Greek mythology now!

JPA: Please give a message to the readers of JPopAsia!

Satoshi: We’ve produced an awesome girugamesh-like album that includes things only girugamesh can create. We’ll go abroad this year to give lives, so please listen to it!

Isn't this something to look forward to? Right now we don't have any details on lives abroad but stay tuned! We'll definitely keep you updated on this and of course also on girugamesh's CDs that will drop after "chimera"!

If you got interested in girugamesh's new mini album now, you can check out the full PV for the lead track below:

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