Tomoaki Kai Plans On Appealing Ruling In Lawsuit Against Anna Tsuchiya

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Tomoaki Kai Plans On Appealing Ruling In Lawsuit Against Anna Tsuchiya
After losing his lawsuit against Anna Tsuchiya, stage director Tomoaki Kai has said that he plans on appealing the court's decision.

Kai sued Tsuchiya for 30 million Yen in damages for failing to appear in his play "Kiseki no Singer", causing him to shut down the production. The Tokyo District Court dismissed his lawsuit on Monday after a 2 year legal battle, citing copyright issues that would have shut down the show regardless of the singer's participation.

The director has a history immediately appealing court decisions in the past. While he hasn't done so after the latest decision, Kai expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling through his Facebook page and promised that he will be appealing the decision.

Tsuchiya has won a counter suit against Kai. The singer sued him for defamation after he uploaded a song whose lyrical content was said to be about her. The Tokyo District Court ordered him to pay her 330,000 Yen in damages.

Tsuchiya previously attempted to settle the lawsuit against her. She offered to pay Kai 2 million Yen as part of the settlement, but he rejected the offer.
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