Shun Oguri Makes His First Walk Down the Runway at Nobunaga Concerto's Fashion Show

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Shun Oguri Makes His First Walk Down the Runway at Nobunaga Concerto's Fashion Show
Shun Oguri, together with the main cast of the upcoming film "Nobunaga Concerto", wore their own Sengoku period and modern-inspired wardrobe last January 7th during the fashion show labeled as "Tokyo Sengoku Collection by Nobunaga Concerto", with each of the actors showcasing their own creative costume based on their character. This also served as the completion event for the said movie.

Model and actress Kiko Mizuhara, who plays as Oguri's sister in the drama, started the show wearing a printed bright red kimono. Oguri appeared last and was initially worried as it was his first time doing a runway show, but he felt good after doing well. Similarly, Kou Shibasaki, the female lead both in the drama and film version, expressed her delight about appearing in such a rare event for her as she wore a purple kimono. On the other hand, Takayuki Yamada walked down the runway with a monkey.

Other actors present at the event were Osamu Mukai, Gaku Hamada, Masahiro Takashima, and Taku Takahashi as well as the film's director Hiroaki Matsuyama.

Nobunaga Concerto revolves around the story of 'Saburo' (Oguri), who suddenly travels back to the Sengoku Era meeting 'Nobunaga Oda' (also portrayed by Oguri). He happens to look exactly like the feudal lord and eventually takes his place after being asked for that favor by Oda himself.

Catch the movie as it opens in Japanese theaters on January 23rd.


Meanwhile, the teaser for the movie was revealed before 2015 ended with Oguri greeting everyone a Happy New Year at the beginning. Check out the 32-second teaser below.

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