SEKAI NO OWARI's Fukase & Tsubasa Masuwaka Confirm Relationship

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SEKAI NO OWARI's Fukase & Tsubasa Masuwaka Confirm Relationship
After spending the end of 2015 caught up in dating rumors, SEKAI NO OWARI's Fukase and Tsubasa Masuwaka have officially come forward to announce that they are in a relationship.

The couple announced their relationship after going on a ski trip together. Photos of Fukase, Masuwaka and her son from a previous marriage was shared on twitter, and the two expressed having fun together.

After going public with their relationship, the two answered questions about their relationship on social media.

Masuwaka explained that she was hesitant to go public with their relationship due to the potential backlash and concerns for how her son would handle it. However, after seeing her son smile and how happy he was around Fukase, she decided that love was something that should be shared, not hidden.

Fukase expressed happiness over spending time with Masuwaka's son. He shared that they like to play together, and enjoy things like soccer and watching ghost movies.

Masuwaka is model who also performs as an artist under the stage name Milky Bunny. She married Naoki Umeda in 2007, but their relationship ended in divorce in 2013. The two have a son together named Reon.

Fukase was previously dated Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for 3 years. The two were said to have broken up in August of 2015, but neither side officially declared the end of their relationship.

Fukasa and Masuwaka are said to have began dating last fall.
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