KARA Reported To Be Disbanding & Youngji To Go Solo

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KARA Reported To Be Disbanding & Youngji To Go Solo
KARA will be disbanding, Youngji will be going solo, and the 3 members will leave DSP Media, according to Korean media reports.

At the beginning of the month, it was revealed that KARA's Hara, Gyuri and Seungyeon had decided not to renew their contracts with DSP Media. According to a source for StarNews, the three will not be staying with the company and have been approached by other agencies for their next stage of their careers.

Without any of the original members of KARA left, the group will be disbanding. The newest member, Younji, has already removed references to KARA from her social media accounts. Her Instagram username was @kara_youngji_hur, but it has now been changed to @young_g_hur.

Youngji is rumored to be going solo following KARA's official disbandment. However, DSP Media has denied rumors that she is preparing for a solo debut.

"We plan on considering all possibilities and lead her in a better direction, but we haven't started anything yet. Right now we're just concerned with KARA. It's not the time to think about Youngji's individual activities," the company said.

DSP Media has also denied that KARA is officially disbanding. However, KARA is under contract with a cosmetics brand until February. This contract is believed to be the reason why the company is unable to say that the group has disbanded.
Source: jpopasia.com
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