ZigZag to Commence Formal Activities

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ZigZag to Commence Formal Activities
Visual Kei band ZigZag will start formal activities on January 31st, 2016.

ZigZag (-真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ) is already around since summer 2015. The members are ex-members of "otoiroha" which disbanded all of a sudden at its live on May 30th, 2015. At the same live the members also announced that ZigZag has formed. This is the line-up:

Vocal: mikoto (命) (f.k.a. Sasaki Aiku)
Bass: aoshi (蒼梓) (f.k.a. Takahara Naoya)

The band itself consists only of two members but there are two support members. One of them is jin (刄) who has also been part of otoiroha until March 2015 but has always acted as support guitarist even after his departure, and the other support member is called kei (景) and he plays the drums.
The concept of this band is quite interesting. If you go to their lives you go to some kind of "compurgation" and as the picture above also hints, their theme is "exorcism".

ZigZag held its first live on June 13th last year and released its first distributed single "ponpokotanuki kassen" (ぽんぽこたぬき合戦) on June 1st. You could get your hands on the single if you purchased CDs or DVDs at Indie Visual Kei store Like an Edison as of that day. Afterwards you could still get the CD at the band's lives.
But that wasn't the only CD that has been released in 2015. On September 16th ZigZag first live-limited single dropped which was limited to 100 copies. Another live-limited single titled "izayoi" (十六夜) dropped on December 26th and its 100 copies sold completely that day. Both singles included 2 songs and cost 500 Yen each.

Even though ZigZag did release three CDs until now and gave quite a lot of lives during the past months the band is still no official band right now. It's only seen as project but it will start its official band activities on January 31st, 2016, 8 months after its formation. The same day they will release another single -for free- for everyone who comes to the said live. The single featuring one song is titled "tsunagaritai" (繋がりたい).

If you're interested in this band, check out the song samples on ZigZag's website or just click on the video below which is a sample of ZigZag's very first song "ponpokotanuki kassen":

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