[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interviews SuG in Europe

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[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interviews SuG in Europe
In 2007 as well as in 2014 Visual Kei band SuG visited Europe to give lives at some events. Finally, in November 2015, the band kicked off its first own European tour and visited four countries. Before the members left Japan JPopAsia already asked them a few questions regarding their future plans. Once again, we got the chance to meet up with vocalist Takeru and guitarist masato in Munich and talk to them about their experiences during the tour.

JPA: Last month, before you went on tour, JPopAsia already had an interview with SuG. That time you said the person who will forget the most things at home will probably be Takeru or shinpei. How is it in the end? Who did forget the most?
masato & Takeru: It was as we thought!
JPA: And apart from your wallet and mobile phone, what is the most important thing you didn’t forget but brought along with you on this tour?
Takeru: My laptop.
masato: My passport.

JPA: In our last interview you told us you want to go shopping, do some sightseeing and go to a music store for instruments. Did you already make it?
masato: We haven’t been able to go to a music store yet.
JPA: That’s sad but you still have time! And did you go shopping?
Takeru: I went shopping a lot already!
JPA: How about European Christmas markets? Did you have time to visit one?
Takeru: Yes, we already went. It’s so fancy and beautiful!
JPA: To which one did you go?
Takeru: In Cologne (Germany) to a Christmas market next to Cologne Cathedral and to Angel’s Christmas Market in Neumarkt.
JPA: Neumarkt?
Takeru: It’s so close and it was so good!!

JPA: Did you already get recognized by fans in Europe?
masato: 7 years ago when we went to Cologne Cathedral there were many fans but this time there were no fans there!
Both (in English): Oh noo! (laugh)

JPA: It’s Christmas so soon but what was the most interesting Christmas present you ever got?
masato: Interesting one? Uhm…
Takeru: 10.000 Yen.
masato: Christmas present… I usually get useful presents that I want, so there aren’t really interesting ones…

JPA: What was your most amazing experience during your time in Europe?
masato: When we went from London to Berlin… (everyone starts laughing and nodding) We got stuck in traffic and were five hours late.
JPA: Sounds hard! (laughs) How about any good experiences?
Takeru: That was a good experience! Life is hard! (laughs)

JPA: Speaking of travelling, when you went to Germany in 2007 Takeru said in an interview on stage that German Highways are scary because thee is no speed limit. What do you think about it this time?
Takeru: This time it was such safe driving!

JPA: What changed for the band since the time you were in Germany in 2007?
Takeru: I think, the concept hasn’t changed but our sound is more high quality and it’s more emotional now.

JPA: Did you get some advices from other bands that already went to Europe before? Or did they teach you anything?
masato: We didn’t really ask them…
Takeru: But Miyavi taught me “What a wonderful world”!
masato: And I talked to the staff members and they told me I shall bring as less as possible! (laughs)
Takeru: And Ruki from the GazettE told us to take care. Because it’s a bit dangerous recently.

JPA: Let’s talk a bit about your concerts. Did you already play your new songs at the lives?
masato: We’re playing SICK’S and the songs we’ve released in summer and also a new song we want to make a music video together with the fans during this tour.
JPA: That sounds interesting! One of these songs you’ve released in summer is titled “teenAge dream”. What were your dreams as teenagers?
Takeru: I wanted to be a movie director.
masato: I wanted to be a gymnast.

JPA: What is the difference between your setlists in Europe and in Japan?
Takeru: We’re playing many singles and songs that have music videos which you can watch in Europe on youtube as well. We’re playing more of them here than we’re playing in Japan.

JPA: And are there any differences between playing at events in Europe or at Oneman shows here? For example if you compare your lives on this tour with the event-live you gave in France last year.
masato: There aren’t really any differences. I think the only difference is that at events there are fans that are there for different reasons, seeing different bands. So the difference is rather the fans than our performance.

JPA: Unfortunately the live in France has been cancelled. Is there anything you want to tell your French fans? And please send a message to all your oversea fans!
masato: It’s really sad that we couldn’t go but we really want to go to Paris again! We’ve learned during this tour that there are many fans in Europe waiting for us that’s why we definitely want to go on another European tour.
Takeru: We hope everyone will be fine and stays safe. As long as we’re alive we’ll be able to meet!

JPA: Thank you for this message to your fans and taking the time for this interview. We wish you a good time in Europe and have a safe trip!
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