ANGERME's Meimi Tamura Announces Graduation From Group

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ANGERME's Meimi Tamura Announces Graduation From Group
ANGERME member Meimi Tamura has announced that she will be graduating from the group during the spring of 2016.

The graduation announcement was made during an ANGERME fan club event at Roppongi Laforet Museum. Group leader Ayaka Wada told the audience that Tamura had an announcement. The idol then revealed her intention to graduate.

"I am really sorry by this sudden news. But this is the result of my own thinking. After 4 years and a half, I thought about it...With this year, inside of me I thought I wanted to have a new challenge," Tamura said.

After leaving the group, Tamura hopes to become a musical actress. She asked her fans to continue to support her and ANGERME.

"I will cherish the remaining time I have as an ANGERME’s member and I will continue to try my best harder than ever," she said.

Tamura joined ANGERME as a 2nd generation member in 2011 while the group was still called S/mileage.
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