Kazuya Kamenashi Plays as a Thief in Latest NTV Drama

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Kazuya Kamenashi Plays as a Thief in Latest NTV Drama
KAT-TUN member Kazuya Kamenashi will be back on the small screen as it was announced that he will be starring in the newest NTV drama offering for January 2016, "Kaito Yamaneko" (The Mysterious Thief Yamaneko). He will be acting alongside Suzu Hirose, whose character is a genius hacker, Hiroki Narimiya, who was recently revealed to be portraying the role of a magazine writer, and other actors like Kuranosuke Sasaki and Nanao.

The story which was based on Manabu Kaminaga's “Kaito Tantei Yamaneko Series” is about 'Yamaneko', who steals money from evil people and corporations and later unveil their evil actions. According to Kamenashi, he finds the character fun to portray as it requires some action scenes like jumping from building to building affirming he has done such things during his previous concerts and stage musicals.

Directed by Ryuichi Inomata, "Kaito Yamaneko" will begin airing in January every Saturday at 9PM (JST).
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