Koki Tanaka Comments About Junnosuke Taguchi Leaving KAT-TUN

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Koki Tanaka Comments About Junnosuke Taguchi Leaving KAT-TUN
Earlier this week, Junnosuke Taguchi revealed live on TV that he will no longer be part of KAT-TUN in spring. He made the official announcement after the group's performance at NTV's year end program.

Few days after, former KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka commented about this news saying that he found out about it the same time everybody did as he was watching TV that time. He also said that he supports Taguchi in his decision.

Further news broke out that Taguchi decided to leave both the group and Johnny & Associates so he can date without any restriction. He is reported to be in an 8-year relationship with actress Rena Komine.

Tanaka left KAT-TUN in 2013 when Johnny & Associates terminated his exclusive contract because of repeated violation of company rules. He continued his music career by forming rock band, INKT where he is the vocalist.
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