Junnosuke Taguchi Reported To Have Left KAT-TUN To Date Freely

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Junnosuke Taguchi Reported To Have Left KAT-TUN To Date Freely
The reason behind Junnosuke Taguchi's decision to leave KAT-TUN and Johnny's & Associates next spring has become a hot topic for the media and the public.

According to various media outlet is Japan, it is believed that Taguchi was partly motivated to leave the group and company in order to start dating unrestricted. The idol has reportedly been dating actress Rena Komine for the past 8 years, and with Taguchi turning 30 at the end of the month, he wants to be able to develop their relationship in ways he can't as a member of KAT-TUN.

Industry insiders say that Taguchi does not have immediate plans to get married. However, because these matters can have a negative affect on the group, Taguchi's decision to leave is thought to be have been done in order to protect KAT-TUN's image.

Earlier this year, Arashi's Satoshi Ohno was discovered to be in a relationship with an actress. There was a huge backlash against this, and he eventually publicly apologized, denied the relationship, and promised never to see the woman again. A similar backlash would likely occur to any member of KAT-TUN that began dating openly.

Taguchi will be leaving KAT-TUN in the spring of 2016. An exact date has not been set for his departure.
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