[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interviews SuG Before European Tour

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[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interviews SuG Before European Tour
After two visits in Europe in the past Visual Kei band SuG is back to go on their very first European Tour but before heading off the members took the time for an interview with JPopAsia. Find out more about their upcoming single "SICK'S" as well as their thoughts on the oversea tour that starts in only a few days.


JPA: This is our first interview with SuG, so please introduce yourself.
Takeru: I’m vocalist Takeru. I’m responsible for texting and composing and the visual image of the band. And I’m also having my collaboration project “Uwakimono”.
Chiyu: I’m bassist Chiyu.
yuji: I’m yuji. I’m from Tokyo and a guitarist.
masato: I’m masato.
shinpei: I’m SuG’s drummer shinpei.

JPA: You went on hiatus and came back 2 years ago. Did you notice any differences between the time before the hiatus and afterwards?
Takeru: The bond to our fans became stronger.
Chiyu: I think I leveled up regarding my bass play.
yuji: The way people move at our lives changed and there are more male fans now.
masato: The band has grown and it feels like the support we get from our fans increased.
shinpei: I can enjoy our concerts more wholeheartedly than before.

JPA: Please describe SuG’s music in one phrase or word!
Takeru: urge
Chiyu: Always full of energy
yuji: fun
masato: BLACK mixed with many colors
shinpei: Heavy Positive Rock

JPA: You will release your new single “SICK’S“ on December 16th. What kind of CD is it?
Takeru: Poisonous pop-music.
Chiyu: The topic is modern diseases and I think the MV reminds you of the old flashy SuG.
yuji: The MV was shot at a haunted place, so maybe we’ve recorded ghosts!
masato: Modern diseases as topic, it became a great song that is worth listening to.
shinpei: I think it’s a song with a great balance of a catchy parts and heavy parts.

JPA: This weekend, on November 29th, your first European tour will start with a live in Cologne, Germany. Why did you decide to go on European tour now?
Takeru: Because we wanted to answer the voices we’ve heard from abroad, so we made this plan.
Chiyu: Because SuG’s music, fashion and MV are really great we want to not only let Japan but the whole world come to know about it.
yuji: We want to meet our fans that are waiting for us.
masato: In the past we’ve been in Europe twice but it seems like there are many people who have waited for SuG and I think we will grow thanks to this tour.
shinpei: We’ve heard that there are people waiting for us. I thought it would be nice to go and meet those people who’re so warm-hearted.

JPA: This time you’re visiting four countries, Germany, England, Russia and Finland [note: The live in Paris has been cancelled]. Is there anything special you want to do during this tour?
Takeru: I want to go shopping in each country.
Chiyu: I want to try each countries alcohol.
yuji: I want to go to a music store for instruments.
masato: I want to see famous buildings in each country and the usual houses and streets.
shinpei: I don’t really know a lot about it, so please tell me your recommendations!

JPA: Of course, the preparations for this European tour are exhausting. Who do you think will forget the most to bring along?
Takeru: Maybe it’s me?
Chiyu: Takeru or shinpei
yuji: shinpei
masato: Takeru or shinpei
shinpei: Takeru or me.

JPA: In the end, please give a message to the readers of JPopAsia!
Takeru: Let’s give a live together that makes us think: “I want to meet you again!”
Chiyu: Let’s make it an intense time since we aren’t able to meet that often!
yuji: Please come to see us live!
masato: There are many places we’ll go to for the first time but let’s go crazy as if this wasn’t the first time!
shinpei: With SuG’s live I want to destroy those feelings that you have because we aren’t able to meet that often.

We wish the band and their staff a safe journey and a successful tour with lots of fun for members and fans!


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Moreover, have you already checked out the comment video of the members? If not make sure to watch it below:

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