Junnosuke Taguchi To Leave KAT-TUN & Johnny's Entertainment

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Junnosuke Taguchi To Leave KAT-TUN & Johnny's Entertainment
Junnosuke Taguchi has decided to leave KAT-TUN and Johnny's Entertainment.

Taguchi made the surprise announce during NTV's "Best Artist 2015" year-end program. Before KAT-TUN performed "Dead or Alive", the idol told the audience of his decision.

The idol will be leaving KAT-TUN and Johnny's Entertainment next spring. An exact date for his departure is currently not known.

Taguchi will be turning 30 years old next year. He explained that his decision to leave KAT-TUN came from a desire to make progress on his personal life now that he's becoming older.

"I've decided to walk a different path from KAT-TUN, but I will use all my efforts until the last day of me being a KAT-TUN member," Taguchi said.

After making his announcement, Johnny's & Associates released a statement regarding KAT-TUN's future. There are no plans to disbands the group, but its future has not been decided yet.

Group member Kazuya Kamenashi says that he wants to cherish the remaining time he has with Taguchi and KAT-TUN as a 4-member group. Tatsuya Ueda said that he tried to convince Taguchi to remain with KAT-TUN and will work hard to continue bringing their fans strong work and performances.

Taguchi is the 3rd member to leave KAT-TUN. In 2010, Jin Akanishi left the group, followed by Tanaka Koki in 2013.
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