Two Members will Depart from Jupiter

7yr ago   ·   Thursday 19 Nov, 2015 - 01:15pm UTC   ·   Keia   ·   1 upvote   ·   0 comments   ·   3,754 views
Two Members will Depart from Jupiter
Just a few minutes ago Visual Kei band Jupiter announced that two members will depart.

The announcement that just appeared on the band's website says that bassist MASASHI and drummer YUKI will depart in spring next year. The exact date is April 29th, 2016, after the final of Jupiter's tour "CREATED EQUAL" at Shinjuku ReNY. Both members said that they want to try out more things than those they can do as members of Jupiter in order to be able to grow as musicians.

The other members stated that they want to continue being active as Jupiter.
Source: jpopasia.com
Shared by: Keia
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