Show Luo Dismisses Accusations Of Plagiarizing G-Dragon

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Show Luo Dismisses Accusations Of Plagiarizing G-Dragon
Show Luo has spoken out against accusations that he plagiarized G-Dragon for his comeback single and music video "Let Go".

Upon the release of "Let Go" last week, netizens pointed out similarities between the music video and G-Dragon's music video. These netizens accused Luo of plagiarizing the Korean rapper's past music videos and style.

On November 3, Luo was asked on a radio program about the accusations. He dismissed the notion that he had plagiarized the rapper as nothing more than people hiding behind the internet to throw acid without consequence.

"You could look back endlessly [for similarities] if you wanted to. Why don't the Taiwanese want to support their own people?," the singer said. He pointed out the famous musical "The Phantom of the Opera" also used white masks, but neither he nor G-Dragon were accused of copying that.

Show Luo's comeback album "Reality Show" will be released on November 20. It will be his first album in over 2 years.
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