JASSY's Drummer will Depart from the Band

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JASSY's Drummer will Depart from the Band
Today we have sad news from Visual Kei band JASSY: a few hours ago the band announced that drummer N@deLu will depart.

But rather than a vague statement regarding the reason N@deLu wrote a proper blog entry explaining why he decided to leave the band and probably also the whole music industry. He wrote in a very honest way that many things during his life as bandman didn't go well and he struggled a lot. "The result of these difficulties that were bothering me was that before realizing it my passion towards music how it was back then and my dreams and longing for a pure band faded away."
He also said that for him it's difficult to talk about his problems, so he bottled up his feelings. When he finally talked to the members it was a huge relief for him but the passion to follow this dream didn't come back. He fears that if he will continue being active as member of JASSY without having this passion he might soon stop enjoying music and playing the drums in general. Before that happens he decided to rather leave the band.

N@deLu is sorry for this sudden announcement and thanks everyone for their support. His last live will be vocalist Mell's birthday live on December 4th at Osaka Muse.
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