DIR EN GREY's Kaoru Suffers From Hand Dysfunction

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DIR EN GREY's Kaoru Suffers From Hand Dysfunction
DIR EN GREY's guitairst Kaoru revealed in a recent interview that he's suffering from hand dysfunction and nerve paralysis.

Kaoru stated that since 2014 he has a strange feeling in the index finger of his right hand. This feeling later also reached his thumb and even the other three fingers. To find out what kind of disease this is he went to several hospitals and it came to light that the tendon in his hand and the ligament of his finger joints became loose.
"It seems like it's an occupational disease. During lives I play the guitar after putting tape on both sides of my pick", the guitarist explains. He had to take action like this because he has lost the pick already several times during lives due to not being able to properly hold it.

The doctors told him that the disease can be healt but it will take some time and a lot of patience.
Source: jpopasia.com
Shared by: Keia
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