Pentagon will Start the New Year with Release of 2nd Full Album

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Pentagon will Start the New Year with Release of 2nd Full Album
Visual Kei band Pentagon announced to start the year 2016 with the release of its 2nd full album.

There aren't that many details available yet but we'll share with you what we have: Pentagon's 2nd full album is titled "WELCOME TO GHOST HOTEL" and will hit the stores on January 27th. You'll get to decide among three different types.
Limited Edition Type A features 11 songs and comes with a live DVD featuring 4 songs that will be played on November 22nd at the band's Akasaka BLITZ Oneman. Moreover there will be some offshot scenes of that day included. This edition will cost 3800 Yen plus tax.
Limited Edition B will feature 11 tracks as well but instead of the A-type live DVD it will come with a DVD including a PV as well as photo shooting offshot and three songs played on May 30th, 2015 at TSUTAYA O WEST. The price is the same: 3800 Yen plus tax.
If you're fine with getting only audio songs you should take a look at the Regular Edition: it features 13 songs and costs 3000 Yen plus tax. But you won't get the special booklet you'll get when buying Type A or B.

Moreover, Pentagon will go on its very first one man tour titled "ghostbusters" next year. It starts on February 6th and will end with its final in mid-March.
Source: jpopasia.com
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