Shun Oguri To Appear in Ayano Go's Starring Drama "Kounodori"

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Shun Oguri To Appear in Ayano Go's Starring Drama
Japanese actor Shun Oguri is one of the cast members in the ongoing drama "Kounodori" which stars Go Ayano. Oguri is 'Hiroyuki Nagai' in the drama, the husband of the pregnant woman involved in a traffic accident. Ayano's character 'Sakura Kotonori', a gynecologist leads the team in taking care of the situation. Konotori (Ayano) is also known as "Baby" and aside from being the respected leader of an ob-gyn team, he is also a pianist but none of his colleagues know about this except for the Hospital Director 'Dr. Osawa' and midwife 'Rumiko Komatsu' and these characters are portrayed by Kazuyuki Asano and Yo Yoshida respectively.

Apart from deciding which life to save, his wife's or child's, Nagai (Oguri) is described to be an important key person who will have an impact on Konotori. Oguri's character will appear in the latter part of the pilot episode and will continue to appear in the full second episode.

The two actors are good friends as they are also in the same talent agency. Early this year, Ayano appeared in Oguri's lead drama 'Ouroboros' alongside Toma Ikuta. Both are happy to be working together again.

Catch "Kounodori" as it is currently being aired in TBS, every Friday at 10PM (JST). The pilot episode just aired last October 16th.
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