Momoiro Clover Z Creates Anger & Outrage Through Possibily Illegal Male-Only Concert

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Momoiro Clover Z Creates Anger & Outrage Through Possibily Illegal Male-Only Concert
An upcoming Momoiro Clover Z concert that only males will be permitted to attend has create outrage among equality activists and may even be illegal according to some lawyers.

The concert is scheduled to occur on October 31 in Dazaifu at the historic ruin site of the Dazaifu Tenman shrine. Dazaifu city officials helped organize the concert, sparking outrage that the government would put together an event that discriminates based on gender.

Activists have filed complaints against the city for helping put together an event that excluded women.

"If a private group wants to hold events exclusively for males, that is, of course, acceptable. But why on earth has the city decided to make the concert accessible only to men?," one activist said.

City officials have dismissed accusations of discrimination and called it a "non-issue". The decision to make the concert came from the group's management, not the city, so officials don't believe they have done anything wrong.

"Various concerts, such as ones only open to women or teenagers, are held, so we believe that an only-men event shouldn't be a problem," one city official stated.

The constitutionality of the concert has been called into question. According to one lawyer, the city creating a concert that excludes woman from attending is a violation of Article 14 of Japan's constitution. Furthermore, limiting the concert to males may also be a violation of LGBT rights, specifically those who are gender nonconforming.

Despite the controversy and possibility of litigation, Momoiro Clover Z's concert is still scheduled to go on as planned.
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