UnRealistic to Disband

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UnRealistic to Disband
Visual Kei band UnRealistic will disband in January 2016.

The members of UnRealistic just updated their blogs with a sad announcement: the band will stop all activities in January.
They revealed that already in the past it was difficult for guitarist A.KI to continue band activities due to personal reasons but now he has decided that it's not only difficult but possible to be active as part of UnRealistic from now on. With only vocalist Yuuto and drummer Kou being left, the members have come to the end that UnRealistic wouldn't be the same anymore if new members joined. That made them come to the decision to disband.

But there is more bad news: on October 23rd the band wanted to release its new single "and I..." but due to these circumstances the release has been cancelled.

Already in August UnRealistic lost a member, its bassist Nagisa, and performed with support members, two of them were part of vocalist Yuuto's former band Called≠Plan.

UnRealistic's last live will be held at OSAKA MUSE on January 13th, 2016.
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