[EXCLUSIVE] JpopAsia Interviews LiSA, Yurika Endo & Yumiri Hanamori

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[EXCLUSIVE] JpopAsia Interviews LiSA, Yurika Endo & Yumiri Hanamori
This concludes our 3-part interview special for AFAID 2015. Read Part 1 here for our interviews with FLOW and nano and Part 2 here for our interviews with fripSide, 和-KAZU-, yanaginagi, & MICHI.



1. What makes LiSA different from other singers?
Maybe it's my performance that makes me different from other singers. I want to sing a song and a live together with my band. Live performances are fun to me. So I want to have fun together with all fans.

2. This is your third time in Indonesia. Is there anything you are expecting from your Indonesian fans?
I came to AFAID twice and once for an acoustic show. During my last visit to Indonesia, all fans told me "Come to AFAID! Come to AFAID!" which makes me very glad that I came. I want to make more memories and impression with Indonesian fans. I also want to sing new songs for them.

3. Previously, you started your career with a band and now you are a solo singer. Do you miss performing as part of a band?
I really do like performing as part of a band. For the AFAID performance, I will perform with my band the same way I do in Japan. I am looking forward to fans' reaction. Although actually, there's no difference in my performance whether I am performing as a solo act or with a band.

4. Are there any challenges for you in your performance today?
Last year, 'shirushi' was still not well known. Of course, I will sing the song tonight. And if I sing my new songs, I really want to see what kind of reaction Indonesian fans will give to me.

5. What is the most impressive moment for you during your time in Indonesia? What do you like in Indonesia the most?
The first time I came to Indonesia, the greatest moment for me was when all fans sang together with me. I still remember it until now. The best thing is when all my fans know my song and sings it together with me. That makes me very happy. I also love Indonesian food such as nasi goreng and satay. It find Indonesia a warm country in terms of its place and its people. All Indonesians keep on smiling to me and I am really happy about that.

6. What do you think of your fanbase spreading all over the world?
I would be really happy if that's true. I am happy that Indonesia has a place for me and I am very grateful that I have fans waiting for me. Thank you for waiting for me.

7. Please tell us more about your single "Empty Mermaid". What would you do if you become a mermaid for one day?
"Empty Mermaid" is not an anime song but it is really a cool song with catchy rhythm. The song is about a bad woman but I am not a bad woman. If I become a mermaid, I will wear a sexy clam bikini and search for a prince charming.

8. In your setlist, there are usually pop and rock songs. Which genre do you prefer the most?
I like both. In my latest song, "Rally Go Round" both genres are incorporated.

9. What is your favorite anime and manga?
I have a lot of shoujo manga. Right now, I like “Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda”. I also like the Disney movie "Inside Out" and the latest in Japan, "Bakemono no Ko".

10. Is there any secret to your powerful performances?
Eat a lot of delicious food. Get a lot of sleep and do a lot of live performance with everyone you really love. Each good performance is a preparation for the next. That way, the next performance will become more powerful.


Yurika Endo


1. How was it like for you coming to Indonesia for the first time?
I was really surprised how friendly all the Indonesians I've met are. The welcome we have received was very warm. It's a very interesting country.

2. What kind of character is the most difficult for you to dub?
I'm still new in the seiyuu world. All kinds of characters are still difficult for me. But I think the most difficult character maybe a man's voice because I have a high voice tone.

Yumiri Hanamori


1. How was it like for you coming to Indonesia for the first time?
At first, I was really nervous because I can't speak Indonesian. But when all the Indonesians I've met know about anime, then I become really happy.

2. What kind of character is the most difficult for you to dub?
Same with Yurika Endo, I'm still new in the seiyuu world and all characters still difficult for me. I think the most difficult is a woman character which is the same age as me. It's because it's hard to imagine what kind of character is the same age as me but as a different person. Is the voice too adult? Too childish? Too serious? Too cute?
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