[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interviews FLOW and nano; Recaps Talk Show with GACKT

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[Exclusive] JpopAsia Interviews FLOW and nano; Recaps Talk Show with GACKT
The JpopAsia crew had a chance to chat with some of AFAID 2015's esteemed guests. In this article, we share with you our talk with FLOW and nano.

1. What do you know about Indonesia before coming here?
This is the first time we are visiting Indonesia. Before, what we only know about your country are nasi goreng, mie goreng and the island of Bali.

2. What makes FLOW different from other bands?
We have 2 main vocalists with different styles. We combine these two type of vocals and make various kinds of songs.

3. Naruto is very famous here. How do you feel about performing its theme in front of your Indonesian fans?
We had chance to make another theme song for Naruto which is ‘Niji no Sora’. We know that Naruto is really popular over the world and having chance to perform this song in various countries in the world, including Indonesia, we also looking forward to this performance.

4. Can you tell us more about the process of making an anime theme song? Do the producers usually approach you first and ask to use one of your songs or request for you to make a new one?
Both happened. Also, sometimes there is a competition with other musicians.

5. Even though you already make songs for anime, do you still have time to watch anime?
Yes, of course! ! For example, we really like Code Geass, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Stan Lee’s Hero, and Samurai Flamenco.

6. Do you know you have so many fans in Indonesia?
No, we don't know. But many times, we were mentioned on Twitter by Indonesians. We'd like to see all of them during our performance.

7. Did you prepare something special for your performance here?
We have a new song that became a theme song for NHK’s J-Melo program that broadcasted over the world. This program itself has so many messages for many people, so we’re looking forward to performing this song.

8. What's your next project?
We are working on our next album.

9. If you can change yourself into another member, who would you want to be? And why?
No, we don’t want! (laughter) Because we already know about each other’s bad side maybe? (laughter) Each of us has already become comfortable being ourselves.

10. What are you expecting from your time here in Indonesia?
Because it is our first time, we are expecting that the audience would enjoy our show. Also, we are also looking forward to the after-party. We want to drink Bintang beer. (laughter)

11. You have performed many theme songs for various anime. Are you ok with being labeled as an anisong band?
Even though we don't want to be called that, it is true we've made a lot of anime songs. So it's not really a problem for us.

12. If you can mount a one-man concert here in Indonesia, what kind of concert do you want to make?
We don't think about that. If we have the chance to do a one man live someday, we are already grateful. No matter what kind of venue or how many people, we will perform as usual.

13. It's been years since you've been performing as FLOW. How do you feel about your relationship with each other?
We never fight with each other. Each member respects one another. The band comes first.


(note: nano requested for no pictures to be taken during the interview)

1. When you write a song, do you need to be in a certain kind of mood?
No particular situation is needed. But I usually ask the original creator what kind of image, meaning or message they want to convey with their works. Then I could imagine it myself and make it into a song.

2. It’s your first time in Indonesia, how do you feel?
I received so many support from Indonesian fans. So finally I have chance to come here and I am really looking forward to the performance.

3. If you want to change the world with your music, what kind of ideal world do you want?
It’s a really big question! Hmm.. I haven’t thought about changing the world. But at least I want to change someone’s heart. If I look back to the past, I remember that music has power to change someone’s heart and leave so many emotions or move someone’s heart.

4. What's your next goal?
My big goal is really far ahead. But in between I have so many step by step goals. This year, I was able to perform in various countries including Indonesia. I hope from now on, there would be other chances to perform in other countries worldwide and to an even bigger scale.

5. What do you think of your career so far?
It’s been 3 years since my debut. Many great things happened, but I think my biggest achievement is that I could perform here. During my 7-8 hours flight, I’m really grateful that so many people far away from my country know me and waiting for me.

6. What’s your next project?
My next single will be released on October 28th. I think this single is really different from the other songs so I would like to surprise the audience with this. This song also a tie-up with anime ‘Hidan no Aria’ that would be shown on this year’s autumn. When I made this song I really studied about the main protagonist’s perspective and made a lyric from that as a basis.

7. Do you have something you want to do here?
Yes, but unfortunately I only have a short time. So I want to come back someday for a leisure time and to enjoy the views. I also got recommended to try Padang’s cuisine called ‘Rendang’, so I will try! I like spicy food!

8. Can you tell us about difference between your latest album compared to previous albums?
I personally see an album as a living creature. During the production of each album I always did many researches for a new sound and new kind of lyrics also. And previous albums have connections with the next one. My latest album contains my latest research about sound and lyrics so I hope everyone can enjoy it.

9. Do you have any advice for singers who want to start their career online?
We all have different routes. I don’t think I’m in a position that's capable to give advice but, pile up your personal experience, never give up until you really get what you want. Because for me singing is not a hobby, it’s more than that. Continuing is hard but if you really like it or you think you have something that only you can do, don’t ever forget your enjoyment on doing that and keep chasing your dream. Also, internet is really amazing. You can use that without thinking about limitations or border between countries. So just keep producing and believe that it will reach someone out there.

10. Do you have any messages for Indonesian fans?
First, to be able to come here and doing live, I’d really like to thank all of the people from the bottom of my heart. “Terima kasih” (‘Thank You’ in Bahasa Indonesia). And please keep supporting me from now on.

11. If you can become superhero, what kind of hero do you want to be?
Teleport!!! Indonesia is really far and took 7 hours by plane. So if I have something like Dokodemo Doa (Doraemon’s magic door), I would be happy. Hope technology would later make something like that.

12. Have you ever been recognized on the street?
Fortunately, never. But usually when I’m doing live, and I know that there are people that would see me for the first time, I will be nervous. But I’m really happy with that.

13. If you could describe yourself in one sentence or one word, what would it be?
Maybe, ‘positive’. But in real life I’m the type of person that would pick a fight with everyone, but if I see it from another perspective it’s because I don’t want to lose. So I think that’s positive, but sometimes looks like a fool also (laughter).

14. Do you have any expectation for your live in Indonesia?
Because this is the first time, so only hope that audiences could passionately enjoy the live.

15. So many Anisong fans here in Indonesia, how about considering one man live next time?
Yes, I am really glad that Japanese Pop culture is really accepted here and it’s really great to know. So, yeah as an artist I hope I could do one man live next time.


BONUS: Recap of talk show with GACKT

Hundreds of visitors, majority of them harcore fans of GACKT's, filled the halls of AFAID 2015 to see the rocker in person. The last time he was in the country was two years ago to shoot his part in the TV series tokukatsu, “Bima Satria Garuda”. This time, he is participating as a guest during the talk show segment of the festival.

Prior to his arrival, AFA committee already gathered questions from fans through social media. The talk show hosts Danny Choo and Diasta then took turns in reading the questions for GACKT. Many times before answering, GACKT would ask if the person who posted the question is in the audience. This made fans crazy and even happier.

The talk show went along smoothly. At one point, GACKT was asked if a fan can hug him. He answered in fluent English, "Is hug enough for you? How about a kiss?". This response was met by excited screams.

Fans also requested GACKT to speak in Bahasa Indonesia. GACKT responded by saying, ”Aku sayang kalian semua” (I Love you all) which once again ignited screams.

At the end of the one hour long talk show, Danny Choo asked GACKT if he has plans for a world tour and if part of it was having a one-man show in Indonesia. GACKT answered with a resounding, "Yes" and promised to have a one-man live show in Indonesia once he has the chance.


Watch out for our interview with fripSide, 和KAZU, LiSA, yanaginagi and more!

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