DaizyStripper Prepares for 10th Anniversary

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DaizyStripper Prepares for 10th Anniversary
DaizyStripper is around in the Visual Kei scene for more than 8 years now. Slowly they're preparing for their 10th anniversary.

It's still 2 years ahead but DaizyStripper already made some announcements to celebrate its 10th year of band activity in 2017. Two best albums will be released as well as a DVD featuring music videos. The first best album is titled "SINGLE COLLECTION" and the second one "COUPLING COLLECTION". For fans that don't own a PV on DVD yet the new DVD is definitely something to check out. The title "COMPLETE MV DVD" lets expect that all music videos the band has released over the years will be featured on this DVD. But except for the release in 2016 we don't have any details on yet. Stay tuned for more information!

Moreover, there has been made another announcement: the members will start solo projects next year. As soon as they've revealed details on it we'll let you know.

And for everyone who'll be in Japan this spring there is more: DaizyStripper will go on 47th prefecture tour "47 Runners High" and hold its tour final on June 5th in Tokyo. That live will also be the band's 9th anniversary live.
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