Arashi's Satoshi Ohno Denies Relationship With Former Actress, Vows Never To See Her Again

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Arashi's Satoshi Ohno Denies Relationship With Former Actress, Vows Never To See Her Again
Arashi's Satoshi Ohno has denied that he is in a relationship with a 24-year-old former actress.

On September 19, Arashi held its first live concert performance for its "ARASHI BLAST in Miyagi" event. Before the show began, Ohno came on stage to address allegations that he was dating and living with a former actress.

Ohno directly responded to reports of being in a relationship and living with the actress. He state that the two were just friend, and that the situation was just a misunderstanding.

"After reflecting upon the fact that our actions led to this misunderstanding, I have decided that we will no longer be meeting each other. I'm very sorry for the trouble I've caused," he said. The idol repeated that they would "absolutely not meet each other anymore".

Ohno once again apologized the the crowd for his involvement in the scandal. "I regret my thoughtless actions and will reflect upon my actions," he said.

Tabloid magazine FRIDAY released an exclusive report in its latest issue alleging that Satoshi Ohno had been dating a 24-year-old former actress. A reporter for the magazine caught the two on multiple dates together, and a close acquaintance stated that they were living together.

Netizen response to reports of Ohno being in a relationship were mixed. While some congratulated the idol and wished him well, others were outraged over the nature of their relationship, including the 10 year age difference.

Although Johnny's Entertainment discourages its idols from publicly dating, Johnny Kitagawa, the company's founder and president, recently stated that when his artists get older, they should become involved in romantic relationships.

"Once you reach the marrying age, you are free to get married. Having a wife and children becomes necessary. This is the natural course of life. It would be pitiable if you don't," he stated.
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