SAVAGE to Release New Single "izon waisetsu karte"

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SAVAGE to Release New Single
Visual Kei band SAVAGE announced at its one man live back in June that a new single will be released in November.

Now, that the release date is coming closer, the band has finally revealed more details on the new CD: It is titled "izon waisetsu karte" (依存ワイセツカルテ) and it will hit the stores on November 4th for the price of 1450 Yen. The CD will feature three songs: "SyndromE", "waisetsu number" (ワイセツナンバー) and "koumori" (蝙蝠).

Following the release date they will hold three one man lives in November: The first one at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT on 13th, the second one at Shinsaibashi CLAPPER in Osaka on 16th and the last one at Shinjuku RUIDO on 21st.
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