[Album Review] Red Velvet's "The Red"

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[Album Review] Red Velvet's
Any group managed by SM Entertainment is going to be noteworthy. With so many great artists to call its peers, it is no small feat that rookie group Red Velvet has managed to stand out as the company's trendiest group. After little over a year since its debut, Red Velvet released its first full-length studio album titled "The Red" on September 9, 2015. The album is a fresh treat for the ears from start to finish that leaves little to be criticized and everything to excite your senses.

"The Red" opens with the ultra-catchy track "Dumb Dumb". The single has a strong melody that propels you full-force into what the album has in store for you. Every element of the track works both on an individual level and as a combined piece. The instrumental lays down a melody that consistently builds and builds until its reaches a frenzied fever pitch. This coincides with lyrics describing someone going crazy in love with someone which similarly builds until reaching the declaration "you make me crazy". The combined effect is an insanely infectious song that will leave you feeling just as crazy for more from the group.

While "Dumb Dumb" is clearly the strongest song off of the album, the rest of the tracks on the album have merits of their own and showcase Red Velvet's ability to seamlessly switch between numerous genres. In "Time Slip", the group pulls off a strong hip-hop and r&b vibe. In "Campfire", the group shows it can pull off a cute and sweet slower-paced pop track. The group can even make you feel like you've gone back into time to another decade as demonstrated in "Day 1". The group's use of multiple genres shows that they are capable of pulling off any sound, and sound good doing it too.

Although the tracks themselves are high-quality, the album as a whole lacks a sense of cohesion to carry its listeners through. The pacing of the album can be jarring. Fast-paced song turn into slow-paced songs with no transition to help you adjust. The lack of an over-arching theme hurts the album as well. You don't get the sense that this is just a collection of songs thrown together to create an album-length release, but there isn't enough there to call this a fully-realized piece of work either.

Despite some short comings, overall, "The Red" is a strong album that helps cement Red Velvet's place as a top girl group. Fans of good music will be a fan of this album.

The Good
- Music is that incredibly catchy
- A wide range of genres are execute well
- The tracks' production is nuanced and high quality

The Bad
- The pacing, or lack thereof, can be jarring

4 out of 5


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