Hey! Say! JUMP Announces New Single "Kimi Attraction"

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Hey! Say! JUMP Announces New Single
Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing its 15th single "Kimi Attraction" on October 21.

The single has been described as an upbeat pop track that takes you through an intense love that's like a roller coaster.

"Kimi Attraction" has been picked up as the CM song for a new Kose cosmetics commercial for its "SOFTYMO" line.

The new single will be available in 3 different editions, each with its own track list. Check out the track list below:

Normal Edition

1. Kimi Attraction
2. Shall We?
4. Ignition
5. Kimi Attraction (Karaoke Version)
6. Shall We? (Karaoke Version)
7. NEW AGE (Karaoke Version)
8. Ignition (Karaoke Version)

Limited Edition 1

1. Kimi Attraction
2. ChikuTaku

Limited Edition 2

1. Kimi Attraction
2. Aki, Hare. Boku ni Kaze ga Fuita.
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