Girls Beat!! Resumes Group Activities Without Ai Kago

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Girls Beat!! Resumes Group Activities Without Ai Kago
Girls Beat!! has resumed its group activities without its founding member Ai Kago. The announcement was made through the group's official website.

Ryona Himena is currently the only member of the group. Remi Kita left the group at the end of May 2015. Auditions are being held to find new members for the group. Himena will promote the group alone until new members are found.

Girls Beat!! was formed in 2014 by Ai Kago, a former Morning Musume member who was restarting her career through the formation of a new idol group. The group released 2 singles before going on hiatus after an arrest warrant was issued for Kago's husband.

Kago announced her divorce from her husband in August. During that same month, her contract with IFUHYOHYO ended, leaving the singer out of the group she had formed.

Girls Beat!! is set to appear at "AKIBA IDOL FESTIVAL" on September 13. This will mark the group's first appearance since going on hiatus last year.
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