BTS' Jimin Faints And Falls Off Stage During Event

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BTS' Jimin Faints And Falls Off Stage During Event
BTS member Jimin was sent to the hospital after he fainted and fell off stage during the group's fan meet in Osaka, Japan.

According to a statement released by Big Hit Entertainment, Jimin held his breath for a long time, parasympathetic nerve to spike and his blood pressure to drop. The combination made him lose consciousness, leading to his fall off of the stage.

Fans who attended the fan meet shared their experience on social media, describing a scary scene that left the crowd in a state of panic and shock. After the fall, Jimin went backstage, then returned to assure fans that he was ok. He then left the stage again and was not present for the rest of the event.

Jimin was taken to Sumitomo Hospital for treatment. Doctors explained that he had suffered no injuries other than some bruising. The idol is now resting.

"We want to sincerely apologize for worrying everyone who was watching the performance and the rest of the fans. Moving forward, Big Hit Entertainment promise to pay special attention to the health and safety of Jimin and BTS," the company said.

Although not specified in Big Hit Entertainment's statement, netizens have speculated that the reason Jimin stopped breathing was because of grueling working conditions the group members endure. BTS has been very active this year with little time to rest.
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