[Single Review] SCANDAL's "Stamp!"

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[Single Review] SCANDAL's
Summer is the time to unwind and forget about your problems as you enjoy the cool breeze coming off the ocean. It's a time when youths can let go and live their lives with abandon. SCANDAL perfectly captures the carefree spirit of summer in its new single "Stamp!".

In the title track "Stamp!", SCANDAL treats most of life's problems as something that can be fixed with a positive attitude. Today may not be the best day ever, but when you get down to it, things probably aren't all that bad. When you're feeling down, put on your favorite song and sing like no one is watching. SCANDAL's lyrics are reminiscent of the innocence of youth, a time when a carefree attitude was easy to maintain, and a simple joy of life was prevalent.

SCANDAL's positive attitude in "Stamp!" is aided by the track's melody. The beat of the drums compels you to clap along and stomp your feet. The guitar rift creates a flow to get your body moving. Close your eyes and you can easily imagine yourself cruising down an open road in a convertible with your friends. You hair may be blowing every which way, but you can't feel bothered because you're just enjoying life. The combination of the infectious music and the positive message is an uplifting experience that will leave you feeling exactly how the band wants.

The B-side track to the single, "Flashback NO.5", gives a more traditional rock vibe to the band's release. While it's fun to listen to and has high energy, it's definitely overshadowed by the strength of the title track. Lyrically, the song strikes similar themes, but doesn't evoke that raw emotional connection that "Stamp!" effortlessly does. However, when the song calls upon its listener to lose yourself to the beat, it's easily done because music itself is enjoyable to listen to.

If the only criticism of the single is that one track doesn't seem as good because the other one is amazing, then you've definitely done something right. SCANDAL shows its prowess unevenly, but a high point is still a high point nonetheless. To paraphrase the band, every song isn't supposed to be the best one there is, but it's no problem when it boils down to it.

The Good
- The carefree, relaxed feeling evoked by the title track
- Promoting a positive outlook on life

The Bad
- The strength of the tracks is almost jarringly uneven

4 out of 5


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