[Exclusive] Live Report of Countdown Asia Festival in Jakarta DAY 2

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[Exclusive] Live Report of Countdown Asia Festival in Jakarta DAY 2
Read about KAMEN JOSHI, BULLET TRAIN and other stellar performances during the first day HERE.

During the second day of Countdown Asia Festival, REDSHIFT and re:animation once again pumped up the crowd. Then famous local band d'Masiv entertained the crowd with some of their memorable songs.

Japanese idol group DENPAGUMI INC then stormed the stage. Their Jakarta performance was actually the first leg of their ongoing world tour. As such, fans from various other countries went to Jakarta to see them perform. The crowd became even more passionate as the group started their set with their hit song, "Denparade Japan". For their last song, the group performed "Otsukare Summer". Every audience was waving their towels in the air as they followed DENPAGUMI INC's dance moves. Jakarta's temperature was hot, much like summer in Japan, and it made "Otsukare Summer" even more relevant and enjoyable.

After Denpagumi Inc, Indonesia's own hugely popular JKT48 rocked the night away. JKT48 Team T, the youngest team in fact, was given the spotlight. Thew wore the Tooku ni Itemo costume with light orange color that gave their performance the kawaii ambience.

Following a redhot set from MOMOCHI MINAMI, local band Nidji kept the entertainment going. Nidji, whose name was an offshoot of the Japanese word for "rainbow" and had cited Coldplay and The Killers as influences, performed hit single after hit single.

Finally, the spotlight was turned to Indonesian celebrity Raisa and her band. Raisa looked so pretty that night in her white dress. Her soft voice hypnotized the audience to sing along with her as she performed a medley of her most famous songs.

In closing, all performers from both countries expressed their thanks for being able to perform in the very first Countdown Asia Festival. Until the next leg!


1. Denparade Japan
2. Denpari Night
3. FD2 ~Raison d’Etre Daibouken~
4. Neojapan
5. Chururi Chururira
6. Bali 3
7. Denden Passhion
8. Otsukare Summer

1. Cintai ini membunuhku
2. Jangan menyerah
3. Diantara Kalian

Lumina Scarlet
1. Scarlet Melody
2. Nerve - BiS
3. Moon Pride - Momoiro Clover Z
4. Romantic Ukare Mode – Miki Fujimoto

1. Beautiful
2. Pergi ke Bulan
3. Malam Minggu

JKT48 Team T
1. Kokoro no placard
2. Pareo wa emerald
3. Kinou Yori Motto Suki
4. Wink wa Sankai
5. Iiwake Maybe
6. kibouteki Refrain.

1. Breakthrough
2. Disco lazy time
3. Laskar Pelangi

1. Pemeran Utama
2. LDR (long distance Relationship)
3. Serba Salah
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