[Exclusive] Live Report of Countdown Asia Festival in Jakarta DAY 1

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[Exclusive] Live Report of Countdown Asia Festival in Jakarta DAY 1
Countdown Festival Asia had a successful kick off last June 6th to 7th at Lapangan D Senayan in Jakarta. As reported previously, the event was touted to be the first of series a collaboratios between TV stations from various Asian countries. The Jakarta leg featured notable Japanese and Indonesian acts in a two-day extravaganza described by KAMEN JOSHI as "burning up" with passion.

In addition to the onstage performances, the event was also livened up by special booths featuring the food from both countries ranging from okonomiyaki to nasi goreng. There was also a Maid Land section where guests experienced Maid Cafe like services from famous Indonesian cosplayers. In the Advance Guard Booth, console games were available for friends raring to challenge each other.

Indonesian vocaloid producers DJ REDSHIFT warmed up the crowd with their DJ set. Afterwards, Jpop group KAMEN JOSHI took the stage and promptly lit up the passion of the crowd. Even though one member was not able to fly to Jakarta, KAMEN JOSHI was still able to deliver their best performance. They gave the audience a unique experience via their music genre which spans idol melodies, metal beats and rap verses. In the midst of their initial performance, member Anna Tachibana, crowd surfed atop a rubber boat. Then during their performance of "Genki Da ne", the crowd really got excited and started headbanging along with the melody. The same excitement was sustained as KAMEN JOSHI went back onstage for their second set later on in the evening. They closed their performance with "Natsu da ne!" which echoed the burning passion from both artists and audience. In between sets, the group also held a mini-meet and greet and handshake event at their special booth.

While the atmosphere remain high, the crowd was enthused again to participate in the merriment by Japanese DJ act re-animation who setlist was peppered with dance music and anisong. The performing DJs were MASAKARI, Megsis and Goto Osama.

Also showing off DJ skills was MOMOCHI MIMANI who had always wanted to be a 2D girl. She also had two sets that day. With her 2.5D girl face, MOMOCHI MIMANI kept the crowd going with her upbeat playlist that had everyone dancing along.

The next performance was by the boyband BULLET TRAIN (Choutoukyuu) that was composed of main dancers and backup vocalists. Their special set-up had the vocalist stand behind the dancers during performances. As they performed "Battaman", the girls screamed louder than before.

Not to be outdone, Indonesian acts Lumina Scarlet, Cherrybelle and Peewee Gaskin also brought their A-game. Lumina Scarlet, a local idol group from Bandung, stunned the crowd as they performed their first single "Scarlet Melody". They also covered a few Japanese idol songs. Then it was Cherrybelle's turn. The 9-member Indonesian girl group performed their best hits as their loyal fans Twibies and Twiboys chanted loudly.

The final performance for the day was done by rock band Peewee Gaskins. After a string of memorable tunes, they closed Day 1 of Countdown Asia Festival with their most famous hit, "Dari Mata Sang Garuda".


1. Alice in underground,
2. dai boken
3. genki da ne
4. zankai hero
5 nastu da ne

1. Drive on week
2. battaman
3. stardust love train
4. starlight
5. burn!
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