3 EXILE Members To Leave Group This Year

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3 EXILE Members To Leave Group This Year
EXILE members USA, MAKIDAI, and MATSU have announced that they will be leaving the group by the end of the year.

The three members first announced their departure on EXILE's official fan club through a letter released on June 21. The following day, the announcement was made on the group's official public website.

While they will be leaving EXILE, the three will not be leaving their agency LDH. Instead, they will be focusing on their individual projects under the label.

"This is neither a retirement or a graduation, but rather a new a challenge. Forever, we will proudly be servants of EXILE," the three wrote.

USA, MAKIDAI, and MATSU have been members of EXILE since the group's formation in 1999. The group was originally named J SOUL BROTHERS, but it was later renamed EXILE in 2001.
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