[Exclusive] Live Report of Guild's and DIV's Two Man Live at Shinyokohama New Side Beach!!

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[Exclusive] Live Report of Guild's and DIV's Two Man Live at Shinyokohama New Side Beach!!
The title of Guild's two man tour is „Bokutachi Guild tte iimasu, nakayokushitekudasai!“ which can be translated to “We are called “Guild”. Please, let’s become good friends!” and already expresses what this coupling tour is about: Getting new friends and having fun together. For that purpose the band invited a couple of different bands to go on twoman-tour with them. On May 1st, 2015 it was DIV who played together with Guild at Shinyokohama New Side Beach!!.

Visual Kei band DIV was the first one on stage. With their song “natsu no yukue” they kicked off a hot live and made the fans move around a lot. Guild’s fans as well as their own fans were jumping together through the hall, from the left to the right and back. Also the band's towels could be seen above everyone's heads during this song and were thrown high in the air when the refrain was played for the last time.

DIVers, how DIV’s fans are called, got just a short moment of time to take a breath when drummer satoshi started the next song, “senro”. They were clapping their hands to the rhythm while satoshi played the drums, sitting in the spotlight. Vocalist CHISA as well clapped his hands, asking the fans that way to give even more. But he didn’t even have to tell them when it was time for moshing. The crowd was jumping from the left to the right again as well as on their places and their laughing faces made clear that they enjoyed the song a lot. They also gave all their power when CHISA pointed at the crowd with the microphone to let them sing. But CHISA wasn’t the only DIV-member heating the crowd up that evening. The other members as well gave their best to make everyone enjoy the show as much as possible.

For the next song bassist Chobi shouted into the microphone, asking the fans to copy him. The usual “hey hey” he shouted for a few times turned into a “Guild saiko” = “Guild is awesome” which was also copied by everyone. And he didn’t only heat them up with words. When it was time to headbang Chobi didn’t refuse to do that as well. And for the solo during the following song he got all the attention of the fans – the same way guitarist Shogo got it when it was time for his solo.

After the fourth song of the evening everyone had some time to get new strength for what should come. During that time CHISA let fans know about Guild’s and DIV’s relationship: “Actually Guild and we have played together twice. In Hokkaido and at Kameleo’s 3rd anniversary. But today was probably the first time we’ve talked to each other properly since the title of this tour is “Let’s become good friends!”” CHISA further explained that even though they really talked a lot with the other band that day they’ve completely forgotten to take pictures. But to CHISA’s surprise satoshi DID take pictures with Guild’s members which seemed to be rare to everyone.

The fifth song of the evening was a ballad which was performed in violet light. Most of the time DIVers were listening carefully without moving but when at one point CHISA stopped singing and wanted to hear the voices of the fans they didn’t disappoint him. All fans sang a part of the song a capela together, creating an atmosphere that could bring goose bumps on your skin.
While this was a calm song the next ones weren’t. Red light and rap parts filled the hall before the calm atmosphere came back once again with a song titled “You”. And once again CHISA asked the fans to sing with him.

As last song DIV decided for “Point of View”. This is a song that makes everyone dance and jump. Fans showed their energy by swirling their towels high above their heads. Not only DIV’s towels were to be seen. Also Guild's fans didn’t stand still but used the towels of their own favorite band to join DIVers and have fun all together.
Together with CHISA’s “thank you” the band played the last accords and left the stage.

Set list:
01. Natsu no yukue (夏の行方)
02. Senro (線路)
04. Milky latte
06. Dearest
07. Sekirara Rara (赤裸々ララ)
08. You
09. Taste of Life
10. Point of View

With “CinderellaGuild chose an energetic song for the beginning, not sparing their fans at all. Headbanging as well as various movements, jumping and throwing their towels was part of the song. Even though the dance included a lot of different movements everyone seemed to know which part followed what. Also when everyone was throwing their towels in the end of the song nobody missed the moment.

For Guild’s first MC of the evening they weren’t alone on stage. All of a sudden DIV’s drummer satoshi was standing right next to Guild’s guitarist YOSHIHIRO when they introduced the members. RYUICHI picked up the former talk that they didn’t take pictures at all that day and when a fan asked them to take one now RYUICHI replied: “Is it okay to take one now? Is CHISA here somewhere?” Everyone waited patiently and started to laugh when RYUICHI realized that he even hasn’t his phone with him to actually take the picture. The problem was solved right away when CHISA appeared on stage after fans called for him bringing a phone with him. The picture was taken and after an introduction of the other Guild-members DIV left the stage again and Guild’s live continued.

uso janai” followed this long MC and made fans dance along. RYUICHI showed the hand movements for this song which were copied by everyone without problems. For the refrain bassist TAKUMA joined RYUICHI on vocals and the fans joined him especially in the end for the last “uso janai” with which the song ended.
This happy song was followed by a rather hard one which made TAKUMA and RYUICHI headband along with the fans. YOSHIHIRO didn’t headbang but you could see how much he enjoyed the song – especially when he got a spotlight for his solo part.
The band used the time of the following MC to show and introduce their merchandise and talk about their upcoming live. There was still one two-man left they were giving together with DIV on May 3rd and informed fans about the fact that there are only about 10 tickets left.

During “hanabira” the calm ballad and next song of the evening fans were listening carefully to the music and Ryuichi’s words while they jumped around and clapped a lot during the song after that, “jealousy kanjimasu”. Speaking of dancing, RYUICHI had a special dance solo during “jealousy kanjimasu” which brought many laughers on the faces of the fans – and on Ryuichi’s after he was done. For YOSHIHIRO it was the time to get his triple neck guitar which he also used for the last song of Guild’s performance, “Burning Love”. This Guild-evergreen is known by heart by fans, so it was no surprise that RYUICHI let them sing the refrain very often. Closer to the end drummer Koichi, YOSHIHIRO and TAKUMA even stopped playing their instruments in order to be able to hear the fans singing. Loud voices filled the hall and RYUICHI thanked everyone before ending the song.

01. Cinderella (シンデレラ)
02. ABC
03. Usojanai (ウソじゃない)
04. Mousou license妄想ライセンス)
05. Hanabira (ハナビラ)
06. Jealousy kanjimasu (ジェラシー感じます)
07. My Life
08. Burning Love

[session band]

But with “Burning Love” the live wasn’t over yet. It had been announced already before the live that DIV and Guild would have a special session band at the end of the live and they’ve kept their promise. But before that they were having a little chat talking with topics like CHISA’s big eyes, Ryuichi’s stage drink which was Strawberry juice and their upcoming live.

As last song the two bands stood on stage together and were playing Guild’s song “LOVE machine”. The members of Guild played the song while CHISA and RYUICHI were singing together. The other members of DIV were dancing along to the song and singing the refrain as well. That way fans of both bands were able to see their favorite members one last time that evening and to say goodbye. With an energetic song and lots of laughers the live ended.


The 1st part of Guild's two man tour came to its end only a few days ago but that doesn't mean fans won't be able to see them again soon. Their one man tour "2015「Burning LOVE Machine」" starts on July 5th and has its tour final on August 19th at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo. In September the 2nd part of the bands two man tour will follow.
Furthermore, Guild will release a new mini album titled "natsumatsuri" (夏祭り) on July 1st. A couple of instore events have been announced to promote the album. For dates on the instores and upcoming lives check out the band's website!

Also DIV have some plans for this summer: The tour final of their 2nd album release tour "Dawn of the Secret night" will be held at Liquidroom on June 27th. Right now there is only one event live for August announced as well as Shogo's birthday live in September and satoshi's birthday live in October but who knows, maybe there will be some secrets revealed at the tour final in a few days?
Speaking of secrets, have you already checked out our interview with the band? There have been some secrets revealed that are worth reading!

We wish Guild a nice start for their one man tour and DIV a nice tourfinal tomorrow!
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