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At the very first Countdown Festival Asia held July 6th to 7th in Jakarta, members of DEMPAGUMI INC, KAMEN JOSHI and BULLET TRAIN sat down with JpopAsia to share their thoughts about performing in the Indonesian capital.

Underground idols who are different and not using the true concept of idols, they are KAMEN JOSHI. With the motto "No mask, no life", their performances are not like what normal idols would do.

The 6-member team is composed of: Anna Tachibana, Sawada Risa, Mori Kanon, Sakura Yuki, Kawamura Nanaka and Nodoka Sakura.

What is it like to perform in Jakarta for the first time?
- The weather in Jakarta is really hot and the food is too hot and spicy. That said, all Indonesian fans are also "burning up" and the best. That you for giving out more passion in our performance.

What Indonesian food have you tried?
- Nasi goreng

How was your meet and greet with Indonesian fans?
- The Indonesian fans were very nice and warm people. They all have an amazing smile.

What are your thoughts about Indonesia?
- All the people are nice. In our hotel, people teach us how to speak a few Indonesian words. The hotel staff were also very nice when we asked for more food. During the night, we saw a very beautiful neon light that sparkled in the street.

What is the meaning of your motto "No mask, no life"?
- The mask is our life - a part of our faces as much as skin. Not all of us are cute so we wear masks to cover our faces.

Please give a message to JpopAsia readers and your fans.
- We Kamen Joshi perform everyday in Akihabara. And this year, on November 23rd, we will be having a live at the Saitama Super Arena. We would really like it if our Indonesian fans will come and watch our performance.


BULLET TRAIN is a boyband with 2 singers and 5 dancers. All members are likened to a train section with its own color: Koichi (black), Kai (blue), Ryoga (purple), Takuya (green), Yuki (red), Yusuke (yellow) and Takashi (white).

How is it like to perform in Jakarta and your Indonesian fans?
- At first we were hesitant to perform in Jakarta for the first time. But that hesitation went away when we stepped on stage and saw the merriment of our fans.

Describe your experience learning to speak Indonesian
- Before we came to Indonesia, we were taught how to speak Indonesian and we practiced it. But we somehow failed in speaking it during our MC and we want to have the chance to redeem ourselves.

In addition to Indonesia, which other Southeast Asian country would you like to perform?
- We would like to challenge ourselves to perform in Malaysia.

How do you like Indonesian food?
- It was really delicious. We ate nasi goreng in the morning and had it a bit spicy. Then there were juices, fruits and sweets. Maybe it because Indonesia is such a hot country that all fruits are sweet. All of us must have drank at least 4 glasses of juice each.

What about your thoughts on Jakarta traffic?
- It was amazing. There were a lot of people on bikes. Maybe it was Jakarta's specialty. It was also a new experience for us to not care much about time so we enjoyed being in the car and did some sightseeing until we reached our destination.

Given the chance, would you like to come to Indonesia again?
- We really want to come again. Please call us again to perform here.

Please give a message to JpopAsia readers and your fans
- When you hear about Japan, it's all about anime, games and dreams that people want. BULLET TRAIN would like to be part of all that. We will work hard and come to play again in Indonesia. Please wait for us.


Each one is an otaku with her own hobby. One of the icons that best represent Akibahara-pop style, DENPAGUMI INC is made up of Mirin Furukawa, Risa Aizawa, Nemu Yumemi, Eimi Naruse, Moga Mogami, and Ayane Fujisaki. Indonesia became the first country the group is performing for their world tour. They sang their latest single "Otsukare Summer" for the first time during the event also.

It's your first time in Indonesia, what do you think about it?
- Of course the weather is hot. And it's been a while since we can enjoy while feeling the "hot" passion and seeing the big smiles of our Indonesian fans. We are really happy to come again to Indonesia.

What is the difference between Japanese and Indonesian fans?
- Not all non-Japanese fans can come to our country to see us perform. Hence when we perform in other countries, fans are really happy and we feel it that they enjoy our performances from the bottom of their hearts. We really want to give back to them via our performances. We were surprised and honored too when fans do their own cheering based on what they saw on Youtube.

Why did your group chose denpa style as your theme?
- In Akihabara, the Akihabara pop or a-pop style was born. Not all people know about Akihabara so Denpagumi became the icon of a-pop style.

How do you like Indonesian culture?
- We really love it.

What can you say about the new song "Otsukare Summer"?
- In Japanese, when we want to say "Good job" we say "otsukaresama". So when we link it with summer, it became the song title "Otsukare Summer". Even if we are not really good during the summer, we work hard and try to enjoy the summer. That's what the song is all about.

Please give a message to JpopAsia readers and all your fans
- Thank you to all the fans who gave us their warmest welcome. DENPAGUMI INC love Jakarta and would love to come again. Thank you for today. Terima kasih!
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