DIR EN GREY's Die Starts Solo Project

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DIR EN GREY's Die Starts Solo Project
It has been ennounced that guitarist Die, member of DIR EN GREY, has started his solo project "DECAYS".

Even though Die has officially started his solo project this week it will take another month until fans will be able to see "DECAYS" standing live on stage. The first lives have already been announced, so if you're in Japan and a fan of Die don't miss these dates: The first live will be held on July 27th at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo, the 2nd one on August 13th at Nagoya BOTTOM LINE and the last live so far one day later, on August 14th, at Umeda CLUB QUATTRO in Osaka.

But he won't stand on stage alone! It has been confirmed that DECAYS will perform together with sukekiyo, the solo project of DIR EN GREY's vocalist Kyo, as well as with FAKE? at all of these days. Do As Infinity will perform as opening act at the first live on July 28th. The opening acts for the other two lives haven't been revealed yet.

So what is this all about? What does DECAYS sound like? These are probably the questions fans are asking the most often. Unfortunately we can't give you an answer on that yet because the official website only reveals the upcoming live dates and ticket information. But keep an eye on JPA and follow DECAYS official twitter and facebook which you can find at the website to get the latest details!
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