Jakarta Celebrates Japanese Culture at Hi! Nippon Fest

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Jakarta Celebrates Japanese Culture at Hi! Nippon Fest
Hi! Nippon Fest promised to highlight the different facets of Japanese culture and it did deliver. For the whole duration of the event, Baywalk Mall in Jakarta transformed into a haven for enthusiasts. JpopAsia was on site for three days and now we share with you the highlights of each day.

May 24th
The day kicked off with a performance by indie band, Samurai Blues. Their name was inspired by Japan's national football team whose uniform the band wear during performances. Samurai Blues prepped the crowd for the exciting day ahead with their setlist filled with covers of anime themes.

Aspiring singers from all ages then took the stage to vie for the coveted top prize at the J-Factor Song Contest. With millions of rupiah at stake, each contestant gave their all to wow the judging panel. The Costreet competition was equally as compelling.

After intense competitions, the audience was treated to a medley of old and new Japanese songs performed by the Jakarta Keion Club, an Indonesia-based indies band whose members are all Japanese. Then calligraphy artist Nachu demonstrated the art of shodo to an amazed crowd. To cap off the day, Hiroaki Kato serenaded the audience with his fusion of Indonesian melodies and Japanese words. He covered “laska pelangi” from popular Indonesian band nidji and performed his own original, "arigatou".

May 30th
This time, the spotlight shined on the idol groups. Popstripe covered songs from top Jpop act AAA. Rica Leona, ex-member of JKT48, was spotted performing with Popstripe. She later shared the stage with none other than Ultraman Tiga.

Masumero then did their take on Berryz Kobou hits plus some anisongs. People gathered more when news portal Japanese Station brought all their Navigators on stage to sing and dance. Japanese Station Navigator's own idol group Kirari performed their original songs to the delight of the audience.

For the finale, Lumina Scarlet graced the stage with their dazzling performance. The energetic idol group hailed from Bandung where they had already established a huge fanbase that always support them in every performance.

May 31st
The final day of the festival was all about the grand cosplay competition. Indonesian cosplayers did not hold back and proved that they have the creativity and showmanship to rival that from other countries.

Prior to the cosplay competition, a cover of Judy and Mary song was performed by Sarah Anjani together with Popstripe founder Ega. They were followed by Sekar Khatulistiwa who put her own spin to a YUI hit.

Then, 51 of the best cosplayers in the country showed off their awe-inspiring costumes and performances. Not to be outdone, the panel of judges composed of special guests Orochi X, Naru, Punipun, Ying Tze, Pinky Lu Xun, Echow and Richfield Edbert also impressed.

The winners of J-Factor Song Contest performed again then it was time for the audience to be amazed once more. The AAC Tokusatsu segment caught the attention of the crowd with its amazingly detailed costumes.

Finally, Hi! Nippon Fest signed off with an awesome set by JKT48 Team J. Their energetic performance brought even more people in front of the stage as the group sang and dance to their songs "Kaze wa Fuiteru", "Takane no ringo", "Juuryoku Sympathy", "Pareo wa Emerald" and "Koisuru Fortune Cookies". JKT48 fans sang along down to the very last song "Kibouteki Refrain".

Check out photos from the event below:
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