Miliyah Kato Announces First Remix Album

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Miliyah Kato Announces First Remix Album
Miliyah Kato announced that she will be releasing her first remix album titled "Kato Miliyah M-Mix ~Mastermix Vol.1~".

The upcoming album is being released as a part of the singer's continued celebration of her 10th year in the music industry. The album will be a continuous mix of her hit songs.

Details about the new album are currently scarce. So far, only the album's title and its release date, July 29, are known.

"Kato Miliyah M-Mix ~Mastermix Vol.1~" is Kato's 2nd musical release of 2015. Her first, the single "Shounen Shoujo", was released on January 14.

In addition to the remix album, Kato has another music project in the works. She was recently slated to provide the theme song for the fall film "Piece of Cake".
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