Witness A9's Rebirth as Alice Nine this August

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Witness A9's Rebirth as Alice Nine this August
Are you already used to calling them A9? Hopefully not because come August, the quintet of Show, Saga, Tora, Nau and Hiroto will once again be named as Alice Nine. The name change will be made in conjunction with the band's 11th anniversary live. Fittingly dubbed as "Re:birth", the special event will be held August 23rd at Toyosu Pit Tokyo.

Those who cannot attend the 11th anniversary live need not fret as Alice Nine also revealed that they will be embarking on an Asian tour later this year.

The band also opened its official fan club, NUMBER SIX. Members are given the chance to avail of the special anniversary item produced by NUMBER SIX. x Velvet Lounge. To commemorate the band's 11th anniversary, the collaboration is releasing the NUMBER SIX. START UP JEWELRY "Phoeni6" (read as Phoenix). Interested fans can join the FC by signing up here and more details about "Phoeni6" can be found here.


Alice Nine's start-up EP "Ginga no Oto" will be out August 1st. The record was the result of the band's successful crowd-funding project launched last March. Total amount raised was more than double of the targeted ¥5,000,000.
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