[Exclusive] Live Report of MUCC's Tour Final at EX THEATER ROPPONGI

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[Exclusive] Live Report of MUCC's Tour Final at EX THEATER ROPPONGI
It was the tour final of MUCC’s country wide tour „F#CK THE PAST F#CK THE FUTURE“ that has been held at EX THEATER ROPPONGI on April 28th, 2015 – and it was completely sold out. A fact that shows that MUCC is still as popular as ever, even after 18 years of band activity.

The 1st and 2nd floor of EX THEATER ROPPONGI was full of people when the members of MUCC walked slowly on stage, bathed in a blue-violet light. The beginning made a completely new song titled “Suiren” which is a mix of headbanging and jumping. With Satochi playing the drums in the back it was on guitarist Miya to sing or rather rap some parts of the lyrics. “ENDER ENDER”, the next song, showed that also harder songs are still part of MUCC’s repertoire. Tatsuro’s growling and a hard rhythm made fans headbang while also some decided to try out crowd surfing and moshing. But this wasn’t the only time you could see fans moshing. During another new song, “D.f.D” MUCCers, how MUCC's fans are called, divided the hall into four parts, preparing four circles. And at a particular moment they started circle moshes, running around while giving high five to the people they were passing by. EX THEATER ROPPONGI has only a few barriers in the hall, so it's easier for the fans to move around. Also the members used the space on stage. Miya decided to claim the front of the stage while playing his guitar solo. And during the next songs Yukke joined him there and both of them played together in front of the fans who seemed to enjoy the concert a lot so far.

During the first MC of the day Tatsuro addressed the fans on the 2nd floor asking them how the scenery looks like and everyone up there replied with loud cheering. The cheering got even louder when the band started playing the next song. Red lights during “999 -21st Century World-“ already gave the song a violent atmosphere – and indeed, the fans as well as the band were headbanging a lot to the heavy rhythm. Also during the next song which was also a new one titled “rainbow” fans showed how much fun they had. They formed four circles again and Tatsuro asked them if everyone is ready to go wild. The response was positive and only moments later the crowd went crazy during circle moshes.

After 10 songs of jumping, headbanging, moshing and singing a calmer song followed. “nukegara” is a ballad that made everyone in the hall stand still and listen quietly to the music and Tatsuro’s voice which put a lot of emotion into the sung words. Blue-purple light gave the hall a calm atmosphere making it not hard to get carried away by this emotion.
But not only Tatsuro and Miya were the ones who sang a lot that evening. It was the turn of the fans to sing when the next song came up. “Nirvana” had a part when Tatsuro held the microphone pointed at the fans. They knew the words perfectly and weren't afraid to sing as loud as possible so that their voices could be heard even in front of the doors.
That’s also what Tatsuro asked them to do after the main part of the live: Shouting in loud voices for an encore so that it could be heard everywhere. He clapped and shout “Encore encore” before getting copied by fans. “Not now! We’re not giving an encore now!”, he commented on the fans’ reaction while laughing. Tatsuro also mentioned that there are a lot of new songs being played during that live, even some that haven't been released yet, and he wants everyone to have fun and enjoy them.

Indeed, the setlist was filled with many new songs but fans already knew how to have fun during these songs. Also „Rendez-Vous“ is a new song that has a many parts that makes MUCC’s members show their best. It began with all members standing in the back facing Satochi before they went to the front of the stage again. Yukke and Miya claimed the pedestals at the left and right side of the stage where they performed. During “yuubeni” Yukke went over to the pedestal on the right side of the stage again – but this time followed by Tatsuro who kneeled down on the stage and croutched between Yukke’s legs from behind, facing the fans and making them laugh.
The following three songs and last ones of the main part of the live consisted of a lot of crowd surfing. The last picture the big screen at the back of the stage showed while the member left the stage was the evening sky, revisiting the topic of the beginning where also a video of the sky has been seen in the back of the stage.

Everyone who has been to a Visual Kei live in Japan probably knows how fans are calling for an encore. Clapping and shouting “encore”, just like they practiced during the live. But for MUCC it’s different. MUCCers were clapping and shouting “Hey!” in anticipation of more songs that might follow. Indeed, the members came back on stage wearing their tour shirts – Yukke and Miya the white ones, Tatsuro and Satochi the black ones. Before giving the fans what they want – more songs – Tatsuro and Yukke grabbed the microphone to say a few words. Yukke pointed out that the tour consisted of only 7 lives and you could hear some fans complaining that it was a very short tour. The topic of Yukke’s MC went into a complete different direction when he started talking about what food he had the day before. He ended up asking everyone to buy and try “asa no yoo”, a special kind of morning drink yoghurt, on their way home after the live. Tatsuro, laughing, shared his thoughts on how how in all shops people will line up only to buy “asa no yoo”. After talking about the food Yukke seemed to not know what to talk about anymore for a moment, so fans started shouting “Gambare!” which means: “Give your best!” or “Keep trying!”. Satochi picked up the word changing some technique at his drumset. In the end whenever he hit a specific drum an electronic voice said “Gambare!” which made the whole hall laugh. Everyone laughed even louder when Satochi changed the “Gambare!” into “Get!”.
The speech got more serious but not less exciting when it was Satochi’s part to talk. He announced that a new mini album titled "T.R.E.N.D.Y. -Paradise from 1997-" will be released in June which will include 7 songs. More details will follow soon!

When Tatsuro announced the end of their little talking-part everyone was already expecting new songs but instead the vocalist laughed: “We had this little talk and now we’re going home.” He as well as Yukke and Miya suddenly walked to the left side of the stage acting as if they were really leaving the stage. Fans laughed and shouted out surprised which made the members laugh as well and returning to their old places, asking how much the fans want an encore. The hall was filled with cheering - enough for the band to stay and get ready for “YOU&I”. All attention was on Yukke who started the song with his bass solo standing in spotlight and the middle of the stage.

The encore consisted of three songs. During a pause of the second one Tatsuro asked all fans to sit down and mentioned something everyone probably already knew but is still excited about: “After a long time MUCC will go abroad again soon! And for the time when we’re back there has already been decided a couple of things. Wait until we’re back!” The loud voices of the fans made clear that they would wait and that they are excited about the upcoming lives and the new release.

As last song MUCC picked one that belongs to the list of their most popular songs: “Daikirai”. Tatsuro used the space the hall gave him and walked up to the balcony on the left side of the hall, getting closer to the 2nd floor and facing the fans up there while singing. For the great final he went back down again where the members ended the concert all together. One last "Thank you!" followed before Tatsuro, Miya, Yukke and Satochi left the stage of EX THEATER ROPPONGI.

01. Suiren (睡蓮)
03. Conquest
04. D・f・D (Dreamer from Darkness)
05. G.G.
06. WateR ~rakuen (WateR~楽園)
07. Ms.Fear
09. 999-21st Century World-
10. rainbow (レインボー)
11. Nirvana (ニルヴァーナ)
12. Rendez-Vous
13. yuubeni (夕紅)
14. Mr.Liar
17. YOU&I
18. Ranchu (蘭鋳)
19. daikirai (大嫌い)

With the end of this live Japanese fans won’t get many chances to see MUCC on stage again in May – because it’s time for European fans to enjoy the live performance of this band! MUCC will return to Europe giving the first live of the upcoming European tour on May 16th in Russia. The tour includes concerts in Russia, UK, France, Germany and Poland. Check out the whole tour schedule here and this site for more details on tickets! Do you already have yours?
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