[Exclusive] JAPAN NIGHT Jakarta Media Event with VAMPS, [Alexandros] & Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

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[Exclusive] JAPAN NIGHT Jakarta Media Event with VAMPS, [Alexandros] & Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
April 4th: Seated on a makeshift platform inside the Barbados Room of events central The Kasablanka in Jakarta, members of acclaimed bands VAMPS, [Alexandros] & Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra indulged journalists with anecdotes from performances abroad and their feelings regarding performing in the Indonesian capital. In here we summarize the key points from that special event which was held just hours before the big show: the very first overseas JAPAN NIGHT.



1. How do you feel about coming to Indonesia? Have you already tried the food?
- We are very happy. This is our very first time to come here and we have already tasted "nasi goreng" (fried rice). Yoohei (vocalist) had 3 portions while Satoyasu (drummer) had 5!

2. What do you think is the difference between performing in Japan and in overseas?
- When performing overseas, we need to greet the audience in their native language hence we need to learn their language first. But slowly, it's starting to feel similar with performing in Japan because what is the most important is the music we're trying to deliver.

3. What are your thoughts about performing in Japan Night Indonesia?
- We are very happy because we were given the chance to perform alongside top bands. It's an honor for us. And it's an opportunity to be given more chances of performing outside of Japan.

4. You've just become a major artist. Are there any changes from when you were an indie band?
- Not yet. We only added more staff.

5. You sound so Western. Which artist influences you the most?
- Oasis. No other band but Oasis.

6. Do you have any message to your Indonesian fans?
- Thank you for loving Japanese music. Japanese music still has a lot more potential and we'd like to deliver that. We write our lyrics in English so it would be easier to understand but eventually, our music speaks for itself.


Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

1. Could you share an interesting experience while performing abroad?
- Fans outside Japan have great enthusiasm. They are more expressive than Japanese fans. Once while we were performing, lots of ans went up and dance on stage. The guards had to get them down one by one. The funny thing was that our percussionist, Omori-san, was thought of as one of the audience by the guards and they were about to get him down from the stage!

2. What are your thoughts about coming to Indonesia again?
- This is the second time we are performing in Indonesia after doing so just a few months ago. Indonesian fans are awesome so we want to come here again. We are lucky to get the chance to come here again. We want to spread Japanese music, especially ska music.

3. How did you prepare for your performance for Japan Night in Indonesia? Is there any special concept?
- Our concept is full of energy and we always try to deliver that to our audience.

4. How do you attract (mainstream) audience when your music is segmented to ska?
- Our basic is instruments without vocal. As such, we need to be able to show an interesting performance with our energy. There's jumping around for example. Kitahara-san, for example, likes to dance around with his trombone.



1. How do you feel about coming to Indonesia again and having such a welcome from numerous fans?
- Hot! Indonesian fans are hot and enthusiastic. The welcome felt just like a concert!

2. Could you share an interesting experience while performing overseas?
- When we performed in Chile, many fans could not go to the venue because it's already overloaded. The security suggested to advance the concert time 30 minutes earlier so that the audience could be controlled. Otherwise, the concert would have been cancelled.

3. What are your thoughts about performing in Japan Night?
- Actually , we have been waiting to hold an event like this. The chance has finally come true and we are so happy. We shall then perform to the best of our ability.

4. Have you ever thought of a collaboration between VAMPS and L'Arc~en~Ciel or maybe even P'Unk~en~Ciel?
- No. But that could be interesting.

5. How would you differentiate hyde of L'Arc~en~Ciel with HYDE of VAMPS?
- All genre could fit into L'Arc~en~Ciel while VAMPS is pure rock. We, VAMPS, don't want to be known as just a Japanese band but rather as a pure rock band in line with other Western bands.


Right after the Q&A with artists, it was announced that JAPAN NIGHT London will be held July 10th and 11th at indigo at The O2. VAMPS is already confirmed as performers with more artists to be added soon.

Meanwhile, the JAPAN NIGHT committee will now focus their attention to the upcoming gig in Taipei. JAPAN NIGHT Taiwan happens May 23rd with performances by VAMPS, the GazettE and The BONEZ.
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