Ai Kago Confirms She Is Filing For Divorce

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Ai Kago Confirms She Is Filing For Divorce
Former Morning Musume member Ai Kago has confirmed through a blog post that she is getting divorced from her husband.

In her blog, Kago stated that she has already separated from her husband. The two are working towards officially divorcing each other.

"I ask that you please watch over us quietly as we have a young daughter...I'm very sorry for causing trouble and making you worry," she said.

Despite the troubles she has faced in recent months, Kago expressed her desire to return to the entertainment industry. "I would like to resume my activities and repay everyone for their kindness...I will do my best so that everyone will support me. Please continue to cheer me on," she said.

The blog post was Kago's first one in 6 months. The idol went on hiatus after her husband was placed under arrest for allegedly operating as a loan shark for the Yamaguchi-gumi Yakuza crime syndicate, an organization he is known to be a part of.

On March 24, Kago was spotted meeting a divorce attorney. She had already stopped wearing her wedding ring at that point. It had been speculated that the singer would be filing for divorce soon. Kago's blog post confirmed these suspicions.
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