KAMIJO Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Best Album

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KAMIJO Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Best Album
Solo artist KAMIJO celebrates his 20th anniversary this year and will release a best album for this occasion.

It is titled "20th Anniversary All Time Best ~kakumei no keifu (革命の系譜)~ " and drops on June 10th in two different types. Both types will include a CD with 14 tracks and the Regular Edition will even cost only 2000 Yen! The Limited Edition for 2700 Yen comes with a special booklet that will have 24 pages.

Since this is a best album you are probably interested in what songs are considered as his best ones. As for the album that will drop in June songs from his solo project as well as Versailles and LAREINE have been selected:

- Symphony of The Vampire ~ Throne - KAMIJO
- Louis ~enketsu no la vie en rose (艶血のラヴィアンローズ) ~ - KAMIJO
- sadame (運命) - KAMIJO
- MASQUERADE - Versailles
- God Palace-Method of Inheritance- - Versailles
- the love of a dead Orchestra - Versailles
- Destiny-The Lovers- - Versailles
- PRINCE - Versailles
- Aristocrat's Symphony - Versailles
- fiancailles ~フィアンサーユ ~ - LAREINE
- Billet ~ osanaki natsu no binsen (幼き夏の便箋) - LAREINE
- ano hito no aishita hito nara (あの人の愛した人なら) - LAREINE
- Metamorphose - LAREINE

Would you like to see different songs on this best album?

And also, don't forget about his America tour that will start in May!
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