[Exclusive] A Decade of Beauty: JpopAsia Interviews THE NOVEMBERS

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[Exclusive] A Decade of Beauty: JpopAsia Interviews THE NOVEMBERS
"What is beautiful for the world, may not be so for me; what is neglected in the world, may be beautiful for me."

From the start, THE NOVEMBERS has set out on one single mission: to share beauty.

The band's vision of "beauty" transcends the norm's perception of the topic - and that's what sets them apart from the rest. What keeps THE NOVEMBERS fresh on their quest? What continues to inspire the band as they step into their tenth year of existence?

Yusuke Kobayashi (Vo&Gt) shares with us his vision, hopes and dreams for the band:

Q1: Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! The theme of THE NOVEMBERS is "beauty" - Why "beauty", and has it always been the same for the past decade?
Q1: 10周年おめでとうございます。何故THE NOVEMBERSのテーマは美なのですか?それはここ10年間変わっていないことですか?

Whenever I think about the reasons why I'm moved or impressed by a certain thing, I noticed that there's a standard value upon questioning "Is it beautiful?". I may not be aware of my own way since the beginning, but I think it hasn't changed since 10 years ago. If I may say furthermore, I have lived this way since my childhood days. What is beautiful for the world, may not be so for me; what is neglected in the world, may be beautiful for me.

▲ 僕が物事に感動する理由を考えたときに、それが“美しいかどうか”という価値基準がある事に気付きました。結成当初からこのように自覚的だった訳ではありませんが、10年間変わっていないことだと思います。さらに言うなら、子供の頃からずっとそうやって生きてきました。世の中で美しいとされるものが、僕にとってはそうでなかったり、世の中で疎まれるようなものが、僕にとっては美しいと思えたりします。

Q2: THE NOVEMBERS' music always has an uplifting and ethereal element to it - Comparing the music you've made since debut, what is the most significant change you've noticed?
Q2: THE NOVEMBERSの楽曲には高揚感や優美さを感じさせる要素があると思いますが、デビュー当時から作ってきた楽曲と比較して最も変わったと思う音楽的変化は何ですか?

Sound design. Our persistence with the sound image have grown tremendously compared to the past. In regards to songwriting, I have grown to adopt an idea, even though it typically seems to be perceived as a dissonance or a forced chord progression... If it seems beautiful for me.

▲ サウンドデザイン、です。音像に対するこだわりは昔よりはるかに大きくなりました。ソングライティングに関しては、不協和音とも捉えられそうなものや、コード進行的に強引と思われるようなものも、自分が美しいと思えたら採用するようになりました。

Q3: How does THE NOVEMBERS keep themselves inspired in the music field for so long?
Q3: どのように音楽という分野で長期に渡りインスピレーションを得続けているのですか?

I mainly express myself through music, but what inspires me isn't limited to only music - it is everything. I make it a point to having plenty of room in my heart, but I think there's only a fine line between having room to breathe and having a feeling of boredom. I'm very fearful of it. That's why I keep it in my mind to continue to discover beautiful and pleasant things from the environment surrounding me.

▲ 僕が表現をすることの主なものは音楽ですが、インスパイアされるのものは音楽に限らず、あらゆるものです。僕は心にゆとりがあることは大事にしているのですが、心に退屈があることをとても恐れています。だからこそ、自分を取り巻く環境から、美しいものや楽しい事を見つけ出そうと心がけています。

Q4: In order to continue pushing through, there's a need for change as well - How has THE NOVEMBERS managed to keep their essence and direction while evolving in the past 10 years?
Q4: 前に進み続けるには変化が必要だと思います。どうやってTHE NOVEMBERSはTHE NOVEMBERSらしさや方向性を保ち続けているのですか?

Though we may not realize it, people continue to change everyday. In other words, even if we don't make an effort by force in order to change, we will still change naturally. The same goes to our listeners as well. So, we're focusing on continuing to take pleasure in expressing ourselves and be thankful to events occurring in our lives, rather than focusing in making changes to ourselves.

▲ 自分が気付かないだけで、人は毎日変わり続けています。つまり、僕たちが変化しようと無理に努力しなくても僕たちは自ずと変わっていきます。それはリスナーも同じです。ですから、変化よりも、自分たちが表現する事の喜びや物事への感謝を積み重ねていく事を大事にしていこうとしています。

Q5: Looking back at the past decade, describe to us some monumental moments that THE NOVEMBERS have went through to become who they are today.
Q5: 10年間を振り返って、今日のTHE NOVEMBERSを形成する上で象徴的だったことを教えて下さい。

The two creation of 2011: "To (melt into)" and "(Two) into holy". Through the experience of the earthquake and the death of someone close to me... That was the time when I had a reflection on my own life.

▲ 2011年にTo (melt into)、(Two) into holyという2枚の作品を作ったことです。震災や、身近な人間の死を経験し、自分の人生を見つめ直した時期でした。

Q6: With 2015 being THE NOVEMBERS' 10th anniversary, aside from the release of the DVD - what else is currently being planned by the band? What can the fans expect from THE NOVEMBERS this year, and in the years to come?
Q6: 2015年に10周年を迎えDVDをリリースしますが、現在他に計画していることはありますか?今年或いは近い将来、ファンとしてTHE NOVEMBERSに何を期待できますか?

It's still in the planning stage, so I can't say for a fact; but I think we should be able to make a new album within this year. We also want to tour. And we're also working hard to be able to perform overseas.

▲ まだ計画段階なので、断言できる事ではありませんが、年内にアルバムを作れたらいいなと思っています。ツアーもやりたいです。頑張って海外へもライブをしにいきたいですね。

Q7: You've mentioned to us in the previous interview that one of THE NOVEMBERS' biggest goal is to perform overseas - What steps have you taken to achieve this?
Q7: 過去のインタビューで今後の目標として海外で演奏したいと話されていましたが、それに向けてどのようなステップを踏んでいこうと考えていますか?

First of all, we want to work on foreign record labels and event promoters. But even if our efforts don't lead to a specific outcome in the end, I'd still want to head out for a live performance by ourselves.

▲ まずは海外のレーベルやイベンター、プロモーターなどに働きかけたいと思っています。仮に、その努力が具体的な成果につながらなかったとしても、自力でライブをしにいきたいです。

Q8: If you were to compare THE NOVEMBERS to a metamorphosis cycle of a butterfly - Which stage do you think the band is currently in right now, and why?
Q8: THE NOVEMBERSの進化を蝶の成長に例えるなら、今どの段階ですか?またそれは何故ですか?

That's a tough question. After building our career to a certain extent, people who can't be satisfied with the status quo, should always think of themselves as pupas. I don't think we're such people, but I can't possibly imagine the kind of situation where I reach the stage of being a butterfly or any stage at all... So, please let me say we're still an "egg".

▲ 難しい質問ですね。ある程度のキャリアを重ねていて、現状に満足できない人は誰もが自分を蛹だと思いたがるはずです。かといって蝶になったと自覚する自分がどのような状況なのかも想像できません。あえて卵と言わせてください。

Q9: From now on, how do you want the music of THE NOVEMBERS to impact your listeners? What do you want your listeners to feel and learn from your music?
Q9: 今後、THE NOVEMBERSの楽曲を通して、リスナーにどのような影響をもたらしたいですか?また、楽曲をどんな風に感じ、捉えてもらいたいですか?

I am happy when you can enjoy our music freely, just for yourself.

▲ 自分自身のために、自由に楽しんでもらえたら嬉しいです。


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To commemorate their 10th anniversary, THE NOVEMBERS is set to release their first ever live DVD, titled 「"TOUR Romancé" LIVE AT STUDIO COAST」.

The two-disc DVD will feature the band's performance in 「THE NOVEMBERS Tour - Romancé -」 finale which was held at Tokyo's Shinkiba Studio Coast on the 28th of November, 2014 and special interview with the band members.


Label: MERZ
Release Date: 2015.04.17
Price: 5000yen (tax in)

05.Flower of life
06.Rhapsody in beauty
10.Bokura wa Nandattan Darou-Parallel ver.-
11.Tetsu no Yume
12.Strum und Drang
13.Blood Music.1985
18.Kyou mo Ikita ne

In conjunction of the release, THE NOVEMBERS will be heading out for a special release tour in the month of April. The "QUATTRO TOURS - A Decade of Beauty" will kick-start in Nagoya on the 2nd of April and end with a two-day live in Shibuya.

The DVD will be made available from the 17th of April onward in their official webstore and in venues of the upcoming tour. Fans who will be purchasing the DVD at the venues will be entitled to a 1000yen discount.

QUATTRO TOURS - A Decade of Beauty-
2015.04.02: Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO (one-man live)
2015.04.04: Osaka CLUB QUATTRO (one-man live)
2015.04.06: Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO (STEREO RECORDS 10th Anniversary live)
2015.04.09: Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO (one-man live)
2015.04.10: Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO (one-man live)
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