LEZARD to Release "hanasaka jinsei"

4yr ago   ·   Thursday 12 Mar, 2015 - 07:46am UTC   ·   Keia   ·   1 upvote   ·   0 comments   ·   1,918 views
LEZARD to Release
Last month Visual Kei band LEZARD announced the release of a new single titled "hanasaka jinsei" (ハナサカジンセイ) and surprised with a new "old" look which you can check out here. Even though they've decided for this special look to promote the new single, now they've changed back to a rather normal look as you can see in the picture above.

Speaking of the single, we've already talked about this release but today we can give you details on the two types that hit the stores on April 15th:

jijiichanban (1944 Yen)
01.hanasaka jinsei (ハナサカジンセイ)
hanasaka jinsei PV & Making

papaban (1296 Yen)
01.hanasaka jinsei (ハナサカジンセイ)
03.daikansha (大感謝)
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